Pop! DC Comics Black Lightning: Black Lightning

Black Lightning is an American superhero drama television series,  premiered on The CW in 2018. After seeing the impact on his family, School principal Jefferson Pierce retired from his superhero personality Black Lightning. Yet, he is forced to return from retirement when the rise of a local gang called The 100 led by the notorious crime lord Tobias Whale caused an increase in crime and corruption in his Freeland community.

Coming out from Funko Virtual Con Summer Edition 2020, for the DC Comics SDCC 2020 is the Pop! DC Comics: Black Lightning – Black Lightning Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – SDCC 2020 and Show Only Shared Exclusive depicts Jefferson in his superhero suit with blue and yellow lighting bolt patterns on the chest, looking just like he’s ready to fight against crime.

Black Lightning is a superb Olympic-level athlete and combatant, capable of taking down half a dozen armed thugs in seconds. He also can generate electricity from his body, which he can manipulate and control. Whenever he uses or is about to use his electrical powers, Jeff’s eyes glow light blue.

This incredible Black Lightning Funko Pop figure is the first to get out of the show, and it will be limited to only 3.000 pieces! It’s time for Black Lightning’ fans to go crazy because this will be one of the coolest figures from Virtual Con. The SDCC 2020 Funko Pop Black Lightning Figure is available for purchase in the links located below. Don’t miss this chance!

Pop! DC Comics: Black Lightning – Black Lightning Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – SDCC 2020 and Show Only Shared Exclusive

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