Pop! Dc Comics: Cyborg Superman

The body of astronaut Hank Henshaw was destroyed by deadly cosmic radiation during a routine flight in space. The astronaut’s consciousness managed to survive by escaping into the spaceship’s computer. Henshaw returned to physical life by downloading himself into Superman’s birth matrix. He was reborn as a power-hungry killer cyborg, with Superman’s DNA.  In the process, he developed the ability to fuse his consciousness with machines. Hank blames Superman for his tragic fate and is dead set on unleashing all the powers of technology in his bid to break the Man of Steel.

Hank Henshaw is back and ready to put Superman into the ground with this super detailed Pop. The Pop! DC Comics: Cyborg Superman Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – SDCC 2020 and Target Shared Exclusive is the new perfect addition to your badass supervillain collection.

Henshaw possesses advanced intelligence and computational skills; his mind works acutely and with extreme speed. His analytical powers are impressive – he can use his senses to read the information directly from machines. Thanks to its interactions with Superman’s birth matrix, Cyborg Superman knows Superman’s Kryptonian genetic code and Kryptonian technology. Using the genetic code of Superman gives Cyborg access to all of Superman’s powers, including super strength, speed, invulnerability, and senses.

Superman Comic fans! Now is your chance to bring home this super cool and super detailed SDCC 2020 Funko POP Cyborg Figure. This Funko SDCC 2020 Exclusive is available for purchase in the links below.

Pop! DC Comics: Cyborg Superman Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – SDCC 2020 and Target Shared Exclusive

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