Pop! Deluxe Marvel: Avengers Assemble Series - Captain America

Funko Pop! Deluxe, Marvel: Avengers Assemble Series - Captain America Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure -  Amazon Exclusive, Figure 6 of 6

The Marvel Avengers Assemble series will feature all six main characters of the Avengers from the first Avengers movie. These new Funko deluxe figures will solidify that iconic moment from The Avengers, where the team circles up and “assembles” for the first time. Each pop will nest perfectly into the next, eventually forming a dynamic 12-inch diameter set piece with all six characters.

Funko is now bringing you the beloved team, one hero at a time. Every other month, a new hero will be released, starting with Tony Stark himself, Iron Man! And now all the Funko Pop Deluxe Marvel Avengers Assemble Series have been released:

Iron Man – Figure 1 of 6
Hulk  – Figure 2 of 6
Hawkeye – Figure 3 of 6
Thor – Figure 4 of 6
Black Widow – Figure 5 of 6
Captain America – Figure 6 of 6

For the first time, the heroes faced Thanos, the Crazy Titan, a villain who had been shown little by little and who revealed himself to be the greatest threat in the Marvel Cinema Universe. He comes to Earth to gather the six infinity stones and kill half of the living beings in the universe. Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Ultimate assembles practically the entire cast of Marvel’s heroes and brings together some of the most epic and also tense moments of the whole franchise.

So, when the team assembles, no villain stands a chance, as the Avengers work together to counter evildoers! So.. collect them all!!

One of the strongest pops from the Pop! Deluxe, Marvel: Avengers Assemble Series, the Captain America Funko Pop Vinyl Figure, is already online and available for pre-order today as an Amazon Exclusive!

Pre-orders for the Funko Avengers Assemble series have sold out here and there, so make sure you get your Captain America Avengers Assemble Pop in the links below before it’s too late!!

Funko Pop! Deluxe, Marvel: Avengers Assemble Series – Captain America Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure –  Amazon Exclusive, Figure 6 of 6

Marvel Fans, Assemble! Available at:

Double Boxed Toys

Expected date: November 20, 2020

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