Pop! Disney: Pixar Alien Remix - Alien as Kevin

A classic of the cinema, the movie Toy Story has stood out for its super cute and funny characters.

Surely you must remember these little green men who always appear in some adventure, right? It’s the aliens. A now our favorite Aliens are back and ready to shake up up your world with their newest collectibles. A new Funko figure line has just recently revealed, and now, to complete this super cute collection, Funko is now bringing the Pop! Disney: Pixar Alien Remix- Alien (Kevin) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure as an SDCC 2020 and Box Lunch Shared Exclusive.

Before Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head adopted them, do you remember how the little green men – or simply aliens – appeared in Toy Story? Innocent Geeks, they lived inside a machine and believed that “the claw” was their leader – and that it had the power to take them to a better place. They’re the best! Bring some happiness to Alien Kevin’s life and pick him up! “Ohhhhhhhhhh!”. A must-have to all Toy Story collectors. The SDC 2020 Funko Pop! Alien Kevin is available for purchase in the links below.

Pop! Disney: Pixar- Alien (Kevin) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – SDCC 2020 and Box Lunch Shared Exclusive

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