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The Toy Story series is already one of the most popular movie series of all times, and this is mainly due to the likable toy gang, who fights for Andy’s affection but also for the love of the audience. And definitely the aliens conquered your hart.

They are a bit simple knitted, but it is their innocent optimism that makes the little green men so likable. After Charlie Tinkerbell saved their lives, they are forever devoted and grateful to him. Charlie is not very enthusiastic about this, though, as the aliens are quite affectionate. But above all, they still worship “The Claw,” of course, which is supposed to transport them to a new and better life. And now all together: “Ohhhhhhhhhh!”.

The little green three-eyed aliens arrive at Funko with a new line of  Pop! Disney: Pixar Alien Remix Funko POP! Vinyl Figures, featuring Buzz Lightyear, Dory, Carl, Dot, Zurg, Dug, Russell, Woody in a super-sized 10 Inch figure, and Zurg in metallic finished as a Hot Topic Exclusive. No better way to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Toy Story than with a very unique set of figures. Toy Story and Pixar fans will find fun and excitment with these Pop Alien Remixes and will definitely want to add them to their collection today.

“Oooh, I was chosen!”. The greatest desire of the green three-eyed aliens is to be “chosen” one way or another. Make some little green men happy. Ooooh! The Pizza Planet Alien Funko pops are already available for pre-order in the links below.

Pop! Disney: Pixar Alien Remix

Funko Pop! Disney: Pixar Alien Remix Vinyl Figures

Available at:

Entertainment Earth
Hot Topic (Woody 10″)

Expected date: Sep – Out 2020

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