Pop! Games: Pokémon: Mewtwo and Vulpix

Our favorite Pokémon are back and ready to shake up your world with their newest collectibles. We have already seen them before, but now Mewtwo and Vulpix are arriving in a new flocked form. Welcome, Mewtwo and Vulpix Funko Pops!

The Pop! Games: Pokémon: Mewtwo (Flocked) and Vulpix (Flocked) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures are  SDCC Exclusives. Each of these would be nice additions to the Pop! Gamer line and gamers can enhance their skills with these figures by their side. Flocked Mewtwo and Vulpix are already available in the links below.

Mewtwo is a pokemon in Nintendo’s famous video game. It is not one of the original Pokemons, as it was created from the Pokemon Mew by the Rocket team. Mewtwo’s appearance is similar to that of Mew, but its structure makes it look much more humanoid. The pink coat of Mew has given way to light purple skin, and the stronger tail, which goes over into his belly, is held in a purple tone. On his long arms and legs are relatively humanoid hands and feet. However, it has only three fingers, and on its fingertips and toes, suction cups are visible. On its head, it has two horns instead of ears, and the tube-like extension that connects the back of its head and back is not yet functional.

Vulpix is a Fire-type Pokémon and has been around since the game’ s first generation. Vulpix is a small, four-legged Pokémon whose appearance is reminiscent of a fox. In its usual form, it has a reddish-brown or beige coloring. The coat on the belly is beige, and the rest of the body reddish-brown. The tail and headdress are slightly reddish, but the paws and the inside of the ears are somewhat darker. The Fire Pokémon has large ears, dark brown button eyes, and curly fur on the head. Its most striking feature is its six-part tail; Vulpix is initially born with a single whitetail, which splits into six tails as it grows up curls, and finally takes on its orange-red color, provided Vulpix is well cared for. In old age, the tails can also split up again.

Flocked Mewtwo and Flocked Vulpix will be released at San Diego Comic-Con 2020 and share exclusivity with Funko Shop and GameStop, respectively. These SDCC 2020 Pokémon pops are already available in the links below.

Funko Pop! Games: Pokémon: Mewtwo (Flocked) and Vulpix (Flocked) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures – SDCC 2020. GameStop and Funko Shop Shared Exclusives

Available at:

FunkoShop (Virtual Con)
GameStop (Vulpix)
eBay (Vulpix)
eBay (Mewtwo)


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