POP! Heroes: DC Holiday - Jack Frost Joker

For those who do not know or have never heard of, what I doubt (lol), The Joker, has its origin and real name unknown, although the reports are many.

The best-known story is that he would have participated in an attempted robbery to a certain Playing Card Factory in Gotham City, disguised as another criminal. Some say it was the Red Hood, but it’s unclear. Supposedly, the invasion went wrong, and Batman himself chased him. On the run, surrounded by a ton of chemicals, he would instead shoot himself than be captured by the Dark Knight.

However, despite having survived the chemical immersion, it was left with severe sequels: the white pigmentation of the skin, the green hair, and deformation of facial muscles connected to the mouth, giving him an  “eternal smile” appearance.”The shock was so great when he realized the damage he had done to himself that he became a psychopathic killer, baptizing himself as a Joker.

From this version on, many more emerged. Some walk together with the best known, others contradict each other, but the fact is that nobody has ever proved any of them. Like the villain himself, everything is very confusing when one talks about the origin of Joker. As he said in The Killing Joke: “If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!”

And now to our amusement, he transforms himself into a Jack Frost freezing cold character with an awesome Funko style. Funko POP! Heroes: DC Holiday – Jack Frost Joker Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Target Exclusive – Christmas Holiday 2020, is one of the most refreshing pops in this wave. Its design really stands out, and it’s certainly a must-have for all Joker’s fans.

This DC Comics Jack Frost Joker Holiday Pop is set for an October 2020 release and can be found in the links below for pre-orders.

Funko POP! Heroes: DC Holiday – Jack Frost Joker Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Target Exclusive – Christmas Holiday 2020

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