Pop! Icons: Bozo the Clown

Funko Pop! Icons: Bozo the Clown Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Ready to add joy and smiles to your Pop! collection? Bozo the Clown Funko Pop! has just arrived at the Ad Icons Funko line.

Bozo, The World’s Most Famous Clown, was a character made for children’s entertainment and one of the most iconic clowns of all-time. He was created in the United States in 1946 by Alan Livingston, originally for the record collection series with children’s stories Bozo at the Circus. Goofy’s original dubber, Vance Colvig, was the one who made Bozo’s voice for the recordings.

Bozo began his career in television in 1949. Larry Harmon, one of the first to play the clown in the new media, bought the character’s rights and turned it into a franchise, giving him a very humorous personality. Together with Hollywood stylists, he invented spiked hair for Bozo. At this time, Bozo was very successful on American television. Larry Harmon trained more than 200 actors to play the character in different local channels that showed Bozo in the USA. One of these actors was Bob Bell, who played Bozo for 25 years. When Willard Scott played the clown, the program did merchandise for McDonald’s, who later created his own clown, Ronald McDonald.

Funko Pop! Icons: Bozo the Clown Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure is for sure a must-have addition to any Pop! Icons collection, and it’s now available for pre-order in the links below.

Funko Pop! Icons: Bozo the Clown Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Available at:

Entertainment Earth
The Line Jumper

Expected Date: Mar 2021

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