Pop! Marvel 80th: Adam Warlock

Warlock first appeared over 50 years ago in Fantastic Four #66–67 and has gone on to become a favorite for Marvel fans around the world. The cosmic superhero named Adam Warlock was created on Earth by scientists of the Beehive as a model for the perfect human. With the help of Adam, who was initially only called “Him”, the Beehive wanted to enslave humankind. However, he turned against his creators and managed to escape.

Adam was one of the most important characters of The Infinity Gauntlet and was deeply involved in saving the universe from the mad titan Thanos, who had previously collected all the Infinity Stones on his Thanos Quest. Adam Warlock was actually the man to lead the Avengers to victory! After these events, Adam founded the Infinity Watch, a team whose mission it is to protect the stones.

Pop! Marvel 80th Anniversary: Adam Warlock Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure- Walgreens Exclusive features Adam Warlock with his unusual and recognizable golden skin and hair, and wearing his iconic suit as he wears the Infinity Gauntlet. He’s ready to bring an end to Thanos’ reign of terror!

Bring home the “perfect human” (Ultron confirms it!). The Adam Warlock pop figure is already available for pre-order, and you can find the links located below.

Funko Pop! Marvel 80th Anniversary: Adam Warlock – Walgreens Exclusive

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