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“I am Groot.” That’s the only thing Groot can come up with. However, those who can understand the semantics of his statements behind the syntax, like Rocket Raccoon, for example, will undoubtedly have profound conversations with the Marvel tree hero.

Hard to believe, but true: Baby Groot’s dance style is that of director James Gunn. Baby Groot’s dance in the opening scene of The Guardians of the Galaxy, which he choreographed and directed. The data were partly collected using motion capture, and a video of his dance was used as a reference for Baby Groot’s animation.

The Groot character also has to grow up again several times in the comic book series and has to start as a small tree. But unlike in the movie, where he has to learn everything from scratch like a normal baby and has no memories, in the comics, he still has all the skills he had before as a big tree, even after his new start.

And now Funko brings us a Super Super-sized Funko Pop! Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy – 18-inch Dancing Groot. He has grown so big!

This Groot Pop! vinyl figure is the latest collectible figure from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. He stands nearly 18 inches tall and has a pleased look on his face (Sure, he’s having fun!). The top of his head has green “leafy” accents, and you can pair him up with his Guardians of the Galaxy pals or just sit him down next to you solo for the next big adventure! This pop is an excellent addition to the collection of all Marvel fans.

The Funko Pop! Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy – 18-inch Dancing Groot Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure is scheduled for a September 2020 release. Pre-orders are already live and can be found below.

Pop! Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy: 18 Inch Dancing Groot

Funko Pop! Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy: 18 Inch Dancing Groot

Available at:

Entertainment Earth

Expected date: Sep 2020

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