Pop! Marvel Venom: Deadpool (Metallic)

As you’ve already noticed, Marvel doesn’t miss the chance to mix two famous characters into one. And that’s what happened with Deadpool and Venom.

There’s no question Venom is one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains. A huge black goo full of hatred and violence against the Neighborhood Friend. However, to be this great enemy, Venom always needs to be connected to a host, usually someone who shares his antipathy to Spider-Man. Over the years, several characters have served as hosts for Venom.

Chronologically speaking, Deadpool was the first to unite with the symbiote, even before Peter Parker. He was also his uniform damaged (the same story as Spider-Man) and also used the symbiote to repair his clothes. However, he soon realized that that black goo had a conscience and was messing with his mind. Thinking that his madness would harm that creature, Deadpool rejected Venom.

But now the wonderfully weird venomized Deadpool has returned in Funko way.  The Pop! Marvel Venom: Deadpool (Metallic) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Pop In a Box Exclusive, depicts Deadpool infected by this huge black symbiote full of hatred and violence in a beautiful and amazing metallic finish. A pop that every Marvel Zombies’ fans should own! The metallic Venomized Deadpool Funko Pop Vinyl Figure is a Hot Topic exclusive, and pre-sales are already available in the links below

Funko Pop! Marvel Venom: Deadpool (Metallic) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Pop In a Box Exclusive

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