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Nathaniel Essex, the mutant, better known as Mr. Sinister, was a distinguished biologist and one of the earliest geneticists during the second half of the 19th century. In his experiments on deformed people, Essex discovered something in their blood that he called the Essex Factor, now better known within the Marvel universe as the X gene. Essex’s work soon caught the eye of a kindred spirit: the ancient mutant Apocalypse. After Essex had sworn allegiance to the tyrant, Apocalypse subjected him to a mutation process that gave him enormous longevity, increased strength, and an immense healing factor.

Mister Sinister received from Apocalypse among other things an enormously increased power, healing, and life span, as well as by later self-experiments the abilities of telekinesis, telepathy, shape-shifting and energy rays from his hands to “shoot.”

The new Pop! Marvel X-Men: Mister Sinister (Metallic) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Walmart Exclusive, depicts Mr. Sinister in his albino white face with black hair, red eyes, and a black chin beard. On his forehead, he wears a red diamond in the shape of a checker and is wearing a dark blue spandex suit with a beautiful metallic finish. His gloves look claw-like, and his striped coat is blue on the outside and red on the inside.

Pop! Marvel X-Men: Mister Sinister (Metallic)

Funko Pop! Marvel X-Men: Mister Sinister (Metallic) – Walmart Exclusive

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