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Pop! Movies: 8 Mile - B-Rabbit

The critically acclaimed 8 Mile is a biographical film of American rapper Eminem, or “B-Rabbit,” as it is called in the movie, emphasizing his personal life and the beginning of his successful career in rap music.

In the movie, Eminem, whose actor is himself, trails the great road to get to where he is today. The film describes his early adult life until his victory in a rap battle that would lead him to record his first album. The soundtrack is fantastic and even earned Slim Shady an Oscar for his single ‘Lose Yourself’!

And now Funko is bringing a new version of the young underground rapper. An absolute must-have for all Eminem fans. Funko Pop! Movies: 8 Mile – B-Rabbit Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure is now available for pre-order in the links below.

Funko Pop! Movies: 8 Mile – B-Rabbit Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

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Expected Date: Jan 2021

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