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Greek mythology is full of wondrous myths. In one of them, the flying steed Pegasus is of divine origin. According to Greek mythology, Zeus transformed Pegasus into a constellation as a reward for his loyalty.  No horse is as legendary as the winged steed Pegasus. The supernatural creature has its origins in Greek mythology, which also dedicates a constellation to it in keeping with its status.

The birth of Pegasus was rather magical. When the Greek hero Perseus cut off the head of the snake-haired Medusa, the winged white horse sprang from her. After his sensational origin, Pegasus visited the nine muses, which inspired artists of all kinds. To thank the Divine Sisters resident in the Helicon Mountains for taking him in, the winged white horse created a spring, the so-called “Hippocrene,” by the stroke of a hoof, which from then on gave poetic abilities to those who drank from it. Thus Pegasus became the symbol of the Muses.

Funko is now bringing the flying steed straight to our myths collection with this Pop! Myths – Pegasus Funko Pop Vinyl Figure as a Funko Shop Exclusive. An amazing pop, with beautiful symbolic nature, to bring home to your collection!

The Funko Myths: Pegasus is available at Funko Shop at 11 AM PDT today and limited to 2 purchases a customer. You can also try the eBay store. All the links are right below.

Pop! Myths: Pegasus

Pop! Myths – Pegasus Funko Pop Vinyl Figure – Funko Shop Exclusive

Available at:

Funko Shop

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