Pop! Retro Toys: Clue

Hasbro’s Clue Game is the classic investigators’ game! Many people are proud of their perceived ability to unravel great mysteries.

If you also carry within you the acumen to solve complicated riddles, then you’ve come to the right place! The game is developed on a board that simulates a mansion, with several rooms and several objects. The objective is to determine which of six suspects, weapons, and rooms are involved in a murder crime.

And now the usual suspects came back in a pop form! Funko has chosen five of them, so it’s expected that what is missing will arrive in the form of an exclusive. In this wave, each of the Clue pops arrives together with one of the murder weapons that we can find in the game. Mrs. White holds a wrench, the Mr. Green a pipe, the Miss Scarlet the chandelier, Professor Plum the rope, and Mrs. Peacock armed with a Knife.

These Retro Toys: Clue Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures are scheduled to be released in January 2021 and are now available for pre-order in the links below.

Funko Pop! Retro Toys: Clue – Miss Scarlet with Candlestick, Mr. Green with Lead Pip, Mrs. White with Wrench, Professor Plum with Rope, and Mrs. Peacock With The Knife Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Available at:

Entertainment Earth
My Geek Box
Hot Topic (Mrs. Peacock)

Expected Date: Jan 2021


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