Pop! Television: Masters of the Universe - Pop! and Vinyl Soda

Funko just announced a new wave of Masters of the Universe pops and soda as SDCC 2020, Toy Tokyo, and Funko Shop shared exclusives.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is an animated television series based on Mattel’s Masters of the Universe line of toys. The series was one of the most popular animated series of the 1980s and is considered a cult to this day.

The show takes place on the planet of Eternia, a world of magic, myths, and fantasy. Its main character is Prince Adam. Whenever Prince Adam lifts the Sword of Power and shouts “By the Powers of Grayskull!” he turns into “He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.” Along with his close allies, he uses his gifts to defend Eternia from the forces of Skeleton evil.

We’ll be getting two Masters of The Universe Funko Pop! Figures. Clawful, the creature that looks like a mixture of man, lizard, and crab and Blast-Attack, an android that is a walking talking time bomb. There will also be two 3.000 limited editions of Funko Soda SDCC 2020 exclusives: Trap Jaw, the cyborg that often serves the Skeleton, and Moss Man, the heroic spy, and master of camouflage.

These classic characters now transformed as Pop! Television: Masters of the Universe – Clawful and Blast-Attack Funko Pop! and Trap Jaw and Moss Man Funko Vinyl Soda Figures  – SDCC 2020 Exclusive, are very well detailed and ready for any MOTU collection. You can find them in the links located below.

Pop! Television:  Masters of the Universe –  Clawful and Blast-Attack Funko Pop! & Trap Jaw and Moss Man Funko Vinyl Soda Figures  – SDCC 2020, Toy Tokyo and Funko Shop Shared Exclusives

Available at:

FunkoShop (Virtual Con)
eBay (Clawful Funko Pop! )
eBay (Blast-Attack Funko Pop!)
eBay (Moss Man Funko Vinyl  Soda)
eBay (Trap Jaw Funko Vinyl  Soda)

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