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Is there life out there? Finally, we know the answer. Because they are here among us. Alien spaceships with humanoid passengers have arrived on Earth. They say they come in peace for food and water—water they will find in our reservoirs, and the food will be us!

The exciting saga that began in 1983, with V – The Original  Television Miniseries, becomes a struggle to save humanity. This tense adventure jumps from the amazing revelation of reptilian beings hidden behind human masks to the first hybrid child’s birth to the anguishing countdown to the Nuclear Apocalypse.

And here we have the first V TV Funko pops dedicated to this television classic. Mike Donovan, co-leader of the Resistance and former TV reporter, will head this wave. We’re also be getting Diana, Visitor’s Supreme Commander, and Alien Exposed, one of the visitors showing his real reptile look.

These V TV Show Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures are scheduled to be released in January 2021 and are now available for pre-order in the links below.

Funko Pop! Television V – Mike Donovan, Diana Funko and Alien Exposed Pop! Vinyl Figures

Available at:

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Expected Date: Dec 2020 – Jan 2021

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