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Funko! Vinyl Soda: Chilly Willy

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The small penguin, Chilly Willy (the only penguin not equipped for cold weather…) is joining Funko’s Vinyl Soda line!

Most of his life involves his attempts to stay warm, and always meeting opposition from a dog named Smedley. There were times, however, when Chilly and Smedley got along, Did you know Chilly has a great fondness for pancakes? Bring Chilly Willy Soda Vinyl Figure home and give him a nice warm welcome!

The Funko! Vinyl Soda: Chilly Willy is now available for pre-order in the links below. So keep an eye on the stores so you won’t miss all the fun!

Funko!Vinyl Soda: Chilly Willy

I’m Chilly Willy the penguin. I shake until I’m blue. My head is hot and my feet are cold– Chilly Willy

Available at:

Entertainment Earth

Expected date: Sep 2020

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