Quantum Mechanix: Aliens Ripley Power Loader Q-Fig Elite

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Inspired by one of the best alien movies ever, Quantum Mechanix: Aliens Ripley Power Loader Q-Fig Elite Figure is now available for pre-order at the links below.

Alien is a work of art that managed to blend horror with science fiction, being able to enter the pop culture and teach people that “in space, no one can hear your screams.”

What do you do when faced with a giant alien xenomorph bent on the destruction of the very last person still alive in the universe you care about? The answer is a mech suit. The answer is ALWAYS a mech suit.

And no one knows that better than Ellen Ripley. Inspired by the classic sci-fi action film Aliens, this Q-Fig Elite features the dauntless heroine herself as she engages in battle with the fierce Alien Queen.

Standing approximately 5-inches tall, this Q-Fig captures the film’s climax as Ripley steps out of the shadows in her P-5000. Ready for the fight of her life, Ripley and the power loader are intricately sculpted to reflect every mechanized element of the exosuit, including its giant claws and even the iconic red warning light.

The Aliens Ripley Power Loader Q-Fig Elite from Quantum Mechanix measures approximately 5-inches tall and stands on a starship-themed display base.

Quantum Mechanix Aliens Ripley Power Loader Q-Fig Elite Figure

Available at:

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