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Funko Stitch First Look

Discover the Magic: Stitch Funko Pop Collection – A Collector’s Dream!

Welcome to the enchanting world of Stitch Funko Pops, where the mischievous yet endearing alien from Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch” comes to life in a multitude of captivating collectibles. Stitch, with his energetic and playful personality, has won the hearts of Disney fans worldwide, and his Funko Pop collection is a vibrant reflection of his charm.

The Stitch in Costume Series: A Delightful Twist!

One of the standout series in this collection features Stitch dressed as other iconic Disney characters, showcasing the character’s versatile appeal and the creative imagination of the Funko Pop designers:

  1. Stitch as Beast (#1459) – A whimsical fusion, this figure captures Stitch’s playful nature while donning the appearance of the beloved Beast from “Beauty and the Beast”.
  2. Stitch as Cheshire Cat (#1460) – Embodying the mysterious allure of the Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland”, this figure adds a touch of whimsy to any collection.
  3. Stitch as Simba (#1461) – Stitch takes on the regal guise of Simba from “The Lion King”, symbolizing a blend of mischievousness and majesty.
  4. Stitch as Pongo (#1462) – With spots and charm, Stitch pays homage to Pongo from “101 Dalmatians”, a nod to another beloved Disney canine.

Each figure in this series not only celebrates the individuality of Stitch but also honors the rich tapestry of Disney’s character universe.

More Than Just Figures: A Stitch for Every Season

Funko Pop’s Stitch collection transcends standard collectibles, offering a variety of designs and themes:

  • Holiday Specials: From Santa Stitch to Halloween-themed versions, these seasonal specials are a festive addition to any collection.
  • Exclusive and Limited Editions: Sought-after releases, including scented or diamond-finished versions, add a unique touch to a collector’s array.

Displaying Your Stitch Collection: Tips and Tricks

When displaying your Stitch Funko Pops, consider:

  1. Thematic Arrangement: Group your Stitches by theme or series for a visually appealing display.
  2. Protection and Visibility: Use individual cases or shelves to protect and showcase your collection.
  3. Creative Backdrops: Enhance your display with backdrops that reflect Stitch’s Hawaiian adventures or other Disney settings.

Deep Dive into Stitch’s Universe

Stitch’s journey from a mischievous alien to a beloved family member is rich in layers. Understanding his background from “Lilo & Stitch” and his subsequent adventures across various media forms adds depth to the appreciation of these collectibles. Discussing the evolution of Stitch’s character, from his origins to his iconic status today, provides an insightful perspective for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

HotStuff4Geeks’s Verdict

The Stitch Funko Pop collection is an exemplary fusion of creativity and nostalgia, capturing the essence of a beloved Disney character while offering variety and collectability. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a new enthusiast, this collection is a delightful addition to any pop culture assortment.

Stitch Checklist

FUNKO POP DISNEY: Lilo and Stitch

# Character Variant LE Exclusive
12 Stitch
12 Stitch Flocked SDCC15
124 Lilo
125 Stitch 626
125 Stitch 626 Metallic 3,000 Funko Shop
126 Scrump
127 Stitch (Elvis) Hot Topic
159 Stitch
159 Stitch Diamond Hot Topic
159 Stitch Flocked
203 Aloha Stitch Hot Topic
472 Tiki Stitch Scented Hot Topic
983 Santa Stitch (w/ Scrump) Special Edition
Stitch Combo
Scrump Combo
Angel Hot Topic
506 Superhero Stitch Pop in a Box
510 Stitch (Valentine) Hot Topic
521 Lilo (Hula) Hot Topic
605 Halloween Stitch FYE
636 Summer Stitch Scented Hot Topic
639 Stitch w/ Ducks BoxLunch
718 Hula Stitch Hot Topic
784 Stitch on Tricycle LE Funko Shop
978 Stitch (as baker) LE NYCC20
986 Stitch (w/ Frog) FYE
1043 Lilo (w/ Scrump)
1044 Stitch (w/ Ukulele)
1044 Stitch (w/ Ukulele) Diamond LE Entertainment Earth
1045 Stitch
1045 Stitch Flocked Target
1045 Stitch Rainbow
1046 Stitch (Jumbo)
1047 Lilo (w/ Pudge)
1048 Stitch (w/ Record Player) Funko Shop
1049 Monster Stitch Funko Shop
1050 Sleeping Stitch Hot Topic
1087 Pumpkin Stitch Hot Topic
1124 Stitch in Rollers LE Fall Convention 2021
1182 Stitch Hot Topic
1200 Lilo & Stitch in Hammock Hot Topic
1222 Annoyed Stitch LE Entertainment Earth
1229 Gamer Stitch GameStop
1234 Skeleton Stitch LE Entertainment Earth
1234 Skeleton Stitch GITD LE Entertainment Earth
1235 Stitch in Cuffs FYE
1252 Stitch in Bathtub (Deluxe) HT Expo 2022
1339 Reuben w/ Grilled Cheese BAM!
1354 Stitch w/ Plunger Entertainment Earth
1419 Stitch w/ Ukulele LE Target Con 2024


# Character Variant LE Exclusive
45 Stitch
46 Lilo w/ Camera
47 Scrump
48 Stitch 626


# Character Variant LE Exclusive
35 The Red One BoxLunch
102 Stitch in Rocket Funko Fair 2021


# Character Variant LE Exclusive
8 Stitch Amazon


# Character Variant LE Exclusive
39 Stitch
39 Stitch Flocked 3,000 Hot Topic
246 Christmas Stitch 1,000 Funko Shop

FUNKO HIKARI (Lilo & Stitch Series)

Character Variant LE Exclusive
Stitch Red 500
Purple Stitch
Blue Stitch 3,500
Green Stitch
Pink Stitch 3,000 BAM!
Teal Stitch
Orange Stitch 2,500 Hot Topic
Yellow Stitch
Pink Stitch 1,500 BoxLunch


Character Variant LE Exclusive
Stitch Hot Topic


Character Variant LE Exclusive
Holiday Stitch 12,500
Holiday Stitch w/ Scrump 2,500


Character 1 Character 2 Variant LE Exclusive
Lilo Stitch

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