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Attention all Coraline fans and Funko Pop! collectors! This exciting new collection from Funko Pop! brings the beloved characters of Neil Gaiman’s “Coraline” to life in delightful vinyl form. Featuring Coraline in Tunnel, Wybie Lovat, and the dynamic duo Spink and Forcible, these figures are a must-have for fans of the dark fantasy film. Let’s take a closer look at each figure and the enchanting story of Coraline.

Coraline Jones – Adventurous and Brave

Coraline in Tunnel (Funko Pop! Deluxe #1643)

First up is Coraline herself, depicted in a striking pose as she navigates the mysterious tunnel that leads to the Other World. This deluxe Funko Pop! figure captures the essence of Coraline’s adventurous spirit and curiosity. With her signature blue hair and yellow raincoat, Coraline is ready to discover the secrets hidden beyond the ordinary.

Coraline 15th Anniversary Coraline in Tunnel Deluxe Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #1643
Coraline Jones is the protagonist of the story, a young girl who moves into a new house with her parents. She feels neglected and bored until she finds a small door that leads to a parallel universe. This Other World appears to be a better version of her own, with attentive parents and exciting adventures. However, Coraline soon discovers that things are not as perfect as they seem, and she must summon all her courage to save herself and her real parents from the sinister Other Mother.

Wybie Lovat – The Loyal Friend

Wybie Lovat (Funko Pop! #1644)

Next, we have Wybie Lovat, Coraline’s quirky and loyal friend. This Funko Pop! figure showcases Wybie in his iconic outfit, complete with his characteristic helmet and gloves. With his expressive eyes and unique style, Wybie is a perfect addition to any Coraline collection.

Coraline 15th Anniversary Wybie Lovat Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #1644
Wybie, short for Wyborne, is a local boy who befriends Coraline after her move. Despite his awkward demeanor, Wybie proves to be a dependable ally. He provides Coraline with crucial information about the mysterious goings-on in her new home and helps her navigate the dangers of the Other World. Wybie’s resourcefulness and bravery make him an indispensable part of Coraline’s journey.


Spink and Forcible – The Eccentric Neighbors

Spink and Forcible (Funko Pop! #1645 – 2 Pack)

Last but not least, we have the eccentric duo, Spink and Forcible. This Funko Pop! 2-pack features the retired actresses in their extravagant costumes, complete with their peculiar charm. Spink and Forcible bring a touch of whimsy and humor to the Coraline universe, and their figures are sure to stand out in any collection.

Coraline 15th Anniversary Spink and Forcible Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack

Miss Spink and Miss Forcible are Coraline’s elderly neighbors who share their home with a multitude of Scottie dogs. They are former actresses who spend their days reminiscing about their glory days on stage. Despite their odd behavior, Spink and Forcible offer Coraline cryptic but valuable advice that helps her unravel the mysteries of the Other World. Their quirky personalities and theatrical flair add a delightful layer of eccentricity to Coraline’s adventures.

The Enchanting Story of Coraline

“Coraline,” based on Neil Gaiman’s novella, is a dark fantasy tale that has captured the hearts of readers and viewers alike. The story begins with Coraline Jones moving into the Pink Palace Apartments with her busy parents. Feeling neglected and unappreciated, Coraline explores her new home and discovers a small door that leads to a parallel universe, known as the Other World.

In the Other World, Coraline meets her Other Mother and Other Father, who appear to be idealized versions of her real parents. They are attentive, caring, and offer her everything she desires. However, Coraline soon realizes that the Other World is a trap, and her Other Mother is a sinister entity who seeks to keep her there forever.

The Other Mother, also known as the Beldam, is a shape-shifting witch who preys on children by creating a false sense of security and love. She uses button-eyed dolls to spy on her victims and lure them into her world. Once there, she sews buttons over their eyes and traps their souls. Coraline must rely on her wits and bravery to outsmart the Beldam and save herself, her parents, and the souls of other children who have fallen victim to the Other Mother’s devious plans.

Coraline’s journey is one of self-discovery and courage. She learns to appreciate her real parents and understands the importance of bravery and resourcefulness. With the help of Wybie, the talking cat, and the cryptic advice from Spink and Forcible, Coraline confronts the Beldam and escapes the Other World. The story concludes with Coraline embracing her real life, having gained a deeper appreciation for her family and home.

Why You Need These Funko Pop! Figures

The Coraline Funko Pop! figures are more than just collectibles; they are a celebration of a timeless story that has inspired and entertained audiences of all ages. Each figure captures the unique essence of the characters, making them a delightful addition to any collection. Here’s why you should add them to your collection:

  1. Stunning Details: The figures are meticulously designed to capture the unique features and personalities of Coraline, Wybie, and Spink and Forcible. From Coraline’s expressive face to Wybie’s quirky attire, every detail is crafted with care.
  2. Perfect for Display: Whether you’re a Funko Pop! collector or a Coraline fan, these figures are perfect for display. They bring a touch of the Other World into your home, making them great conversation starters.
  3. Celebrate a Beloved Story: The Coraline figures are a tribute to Neil Gaiman’s enchanting tale. By adding them to your collection, you’re celebrating a story that has captivated millions.
  4. Ideal for All Ages: These Funko Pop! figures are suitable for fans of all ages. They make wonderful gifts for young fans who are discovering Coraline for the first time, as well as for long-time admirers of the story.

The Coraline Funko Pop! figures are a must-have for fans of the film and collectors alike. Each figure beautifully captures the charm and essence of the characters, bringing the magical world of Coraline to life. Whether you’re adding to your Funko collection or looking for the perfect gift for a Coraline fan, these figures are sure to delight and enchant.

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