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Deadpool Ceramic Funko Mug

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Marvel fans, it’s time to add a splash of character to your morning routine with the quirky and iconic Deadpool Pop! Mug. This isn’t just any mug—it’s a masterpiece that combines functionality with the playful spirit of the Merc with a Mouth himself. Let’s take a closer look at why this Deadpool Pop! Mug deserves a prime spot in your collection and explore the exciting world of Funko mugs.

A Marvelous Start to Your Day

Imagine waking up to the bold, mischievous eyes of Deadpool greeting you with every sip. Modeled to perfectly resemble the head of our favorite wisecracking anti-hero, this mug is more than just a vessel for your coffee—it’s a statement piece. Whether you’re a die-hard Marvel enthusiast or simply a lover of unique collectibles, this Deadpool Pop! Mug is sure to brighten up your mornings.

Perfect for the Ultimate Marvel Collection

Complete your Marvel collection by welcoming this Deadpool Pop! Mug into your home. With its vibrant red color and unmistakable Deadpool design, it seamlessly fits alongside your other cherished Funko Pops and Marvel memorabilia. It’s not just a mug; it’s a conversation starter, a centerpiece, and a testament to your love for all things Marvel.

Deadpool 16 oz. Funko Pop! Mug - Entertainment Earth
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Sip in Style

Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this mug boasts a generous 16 fl oz capacity, making it perfect for enjoying your favorite beverages—be it coffee, tea, or even a chimichanga smoothie (Deadpool would approve). The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, so you can enjoy your drink while binge-watching your favorite Deadpool movies or reading the latest comics.

Handle with Care

While the Deadpool Pop! Mug is all about fun and flair, it’s important to note that it’s not dishwasher or microwave safe. To keep Deadpool looking his best, we recommend hand-washing this mug. It’s a small price to pay for maintaining the vibrant colors and ensuring that the mug remains a prized piece in your collection.

The Funko Pop! Mug Legacy

Funko has a rich history of creating delightful and collectible mugs that bring fan-favorite characters to life. The Deadpool Pop! Mug is part of a larger series of Funko Pop! Mugs that have captivated collectors and fans alike. In the past, Funko has released mugs featuring beloved characters from various franchises, including:

  • Batman: The Dark Knight’s stern visage makes for a powerful mug design that fans of the Caped Crusader adore.
  • Harry Potter: With mugs shaped like the faces of Harry, Hermione, and even Hagrid, Potterheads have a magical way to enjoy their Butterbeer.
  • Star Wars: Iconic characters like Darth Vader and Stormtroopers have been immortalized in mug form, perfect for sipping your morning coffee while planning your next galactic adventure.
  • Disney: Characters such as Mickey Mouse and Stitch have been turned into adorable mugs that add a touch of Disney magic to any beverage.

Why Collect Funko Pop! Mugs?

Funko Pop! Mugs are more than just drinkware; they’re a way to express your fandom in everyday life. Here are a few reasons why these mugs are must-haves for any collector:

  • Unique Designs: Each mug is intricately designed to capture the essence of the character it represents. The attention to detail makes them instantly recognizable and highly desirable.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from durable ceramic, these mugs are built to last, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite beverages in style for years to come.
  • Functional Collectibles: Unlike traditional collectibles that sit on a shelf, Funko Pop! Mugs are functional, allowing you to incorporate your love for pop culture into your daily routine.

Join the Funko Pop! Community

The Funko Pop! universe is vast and ever-expanding, and the Deadpool Pop! Mug is a perfect addition to this beloved community. By owning this mug, you’re not just buying a piece of merchandise; you’re joining a family of collectors who share your passion for these whimsical, larger-than-life characters. Funko Pop News frequently highlights new releases and fan favorites, and this Deadpool mug is sure to be a hit among enthusiasts.

Final Words

The Deadpool Pop! Mug stands out as a fun, functional, and fantastic addition. Its unique design, coupled with the undeniable charm of Deadpool, makes it a must-have for any fan. So why wait? Stir things up in your collection and let every sip bring a smile to your face with the Deadpool Pop! Mug. Cheers to making every moment as extraordinary as the Merc with a Mouth!

Available at:

Amazon (early link)
Entertainment Earth

May also be available at:

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