The Background and History of NBA Mascots: Funko Pop! Edition

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Basketball is not just about the game; it’s about the experience, the thrill, and the excitement that encapsulates every match. A significant part of this atmosphere is the beloved mascots that entertain fans and support their teams through thick and thin. Funko Pop! has immortalized these mascots in their collectible series, bringing characters like Rocky, Stuff the Magic Dragon, and Grizz to life. In this blog post, we will dive into the background and history of these three iconic NBA mascots.

Rocky the Mountain Lion – Denver Nuggets

Background and Creation

Rocky, the mountain lion, has been the official mascot of the Denver Nuggets since 1990. The creation of Rocky was driven by the need to enhance the game-day experience and create a lasting bond with fans. The character was designed to embody the spirit and ruggedness of the Colorado Rockies, reflecting the toughness and resilience of the Nuggets team.
NBA Mascots Denver Nuggets Rocky Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #10

Character Traits and Activities

Rocky is known for his acrobatic skills, humor, and engaging personality. He has a knack for high-energy stunts, including backflips, slam dunks, and repelling from the rafters. Rocky’s antics are not just limited to the basketball court; he is also known for his community involvement, visiting schools and hospitals, and participating in charity events. His playful and mischievous nature has made him a fan favorite, drawing cheers and laughter from crowds of all ages.

Significant Moments

One of Rocky’s most memorable moments came during a game in 2013 when he attempted to perform his usual grand entrance from the rafters. Unfortunately, Rocky lost consciousness momentarily and had to be lowered gently to the ground. This incident highlighted the risks and dedication involved in his performances. Thankfully, Rocky recovered quickly and continues to entertain fans with his high-flying stunts and charismatic presence.

Stuff the Magic Dragon – Orlando Magic

Background and Creation

Stuff the Magic Dragon has been the official mascot of the Orlando Magic since the team’s inception in 1989. The character was designed to be colorful, fun, and approachable, appealing especially to younger fans. The dragon motif ties into the magical theme of the team, providing a whimsical and fantastical element to the game-day experience.
NBA Mascots Orlando Magic Stuff the Magic Dragon Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #12

Character Traits and Activities

Stuff is known for his vibrant green fur, playful antics, and infectious energy. He is a versatile performer, engaging in everything from dance-offs to hilarious skits and crowd interaction. Stuff’s oversized, expressive features make him instantly recognizable and endearing to fans. Beyond the court, Stuff is heavily involved in community outreach, visiting schools, and supporting local charities, embodying the Magic’s commitment to giving back to the community.

Significant Moments

One of Stuff’s notable appearances was during the 1992 NBA All-Star Game held in Orlando, where he showcased his entertaining skills on a national stage. Stuff is also known for his creative use of props, such as his infamous “Stuff’s Confetti Cannon,” which showers fans with colorful confetti during games. His ability to adapt and innovate his performances keeps the audience engaged and entertained year after year.

Grizz – Memphis Grizzlies

Background and Creation

Grizz, the official mascot of the Memphis Grizzlies, was introduced in 2001 when the team relocated from Vancouver to Memphis. The character was designed to represent the fierce and tenacious nature of the grizzly bear, aligning with the team’s identity and the rugged spirit of Memphis.
NBA Mascots Memphis Grizz Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #11

Character Traits and Activities

Grizz is characterized by his powerful build, athletic prowess, and friendly demeanor. He is known for his incredible dunking skills, high-flying trampoline stunts, and interactive performances with fans. Grizz’s playful nature and engaging personality make him a beloved figure among the Grizzlies’ fan base. Off the court, Grizz is a staple in the Memphis community, participating in various charitable events, school programs, and community outreach initiatives.

Significant Moments

One of Grizz’s standout moments came during the 2011 NBA Playoffs, where he played a crucial role in rallying the crowd and boosting team morale during their memorable playoff run. His performances have become legendary, often involving elaborate setups and coordinated stunts that leave fans in awe. Grizz’s commitment to entertaining and his deep connection with the Memphis community underscore his importance to the Grizzlies organization.

Funko Pop! Mascots: Celebrating the Icons

Funko Pop! has brilliantly captured the essence of these mascots with their detailed and vibrant vinyl figures. Each figure reflects the unique traits and characteristics that make these mascots so beloved.

  • Rocky the Mountain Lion Funko Pop!: This figure features Rocky in his Denver Nuggets uniform, ready to bring his high-energy antics to your collection. The attention to detail, from his facial expression to his athletic stance, makes this Funko Pop! a must-have for Nuggets fans.
  • Stuff the Magic Dragon Funko Pop!: Stuff’s figure is a burst of color and fun, perfectly capturing his whimsical nature. Dressed in his Orlando Magic jersey, this Funko Pop! is a delightful addition that brings a touch of magic to any collection.
  • Grizz Funko Pop!: Grizz’s figure showcases his powerful build and friendly demeanor, embodying the spirit of the Memphis Grizzlies. With his basketball in hand and ready for action, this Funko Pop! is perfect for fans who appreciate Grizz’s athletic prowess and community involvement.


NBA mascots like Rocky, Stuff the Magic Dragon, and Grizz play an essential role in creating the vibrant, energetic atmosphere that makes basketball games so exciting. They entertain, engage, and inspire fans, becoming symbols of their respective teams. Funko Pop! has done an excellent job in celebrating these mascots, offering fans a chance to bring a piece of that game-day magic into their homes.

Whether you’re a collector or a basketball enthusiast, these Funko Pop! figures are a fantastic way to honor the mascots that add so much to the NBA experience. Add Rocky, Stuff, and Grizz to your collection today, and let the spirit of the game live on in your home.

Available at:

Entertainment Earth (Grizz, Stuff, Rocky)
Amazon (Grizz, Stuff, Rocky)
Funko (Grizz, Stuff, Rocky)

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