The Dark Knight Returns Funko Pop! Exclusive – A Must-Have for Batman Collectors

Batman The Dark Knight Returns Glow-in-the Dark Funko Pop Comic Cover Figure 16 - Entertainment Earth Exclusive

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Entertainment Earth

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Unveiling the Night: Batman The Dark Knight Returns Funko Pop! A Gleaming Beacon in the Collectible Sky

In the quiet of the night, where shadows cast long tales of intrigue, one figure stands resolute against the backdrop of a tempestuous city – Gotham’s own, the Dark Knight. For aficionados of the legendary protector of Gotham, the unveiling of the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Glow-in-the-Dark Funko Pop! Comic Cover Figure #16 – Entertainment Earth Exclusive is not merely another collectible. It is an emblem, a piece of history, a tangible slice of the mythos that has captivated fans for decades.

What Makes This Exclusive Batman Funko Pop! Stand Out?

Do you feel that chill in the air, that sense of anticipation that excitedly pricks the skin? That’s the allure of owning something that not everyone can claim to have – a limited edition exclusive Funko Pop! figure that does more than stand there; it illuminates; it brings Frank Miller’s visionary 1986 masterpiece, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1, into a new dimension.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Glow-in-the Dark Funko Pop! Comic Cover Figure #16 - Entertainment Earth Exclusive

A Case Worth Marveling: The Presentation

Ensconced in a hard protector case that commands attention, this Funko Pop! is a testament to the timelessness of the Batman saga. The case, a vault of memories, seals the figure in an eternal moment – a freeze-frame of vigilance. The figure itself is not a mere toy to be handled; it is a display piece that commands respect and admiration. Please note that the case does not open to preserve its sanctity, and the figure remains an undisturbed guardian.

The Glow That Guides Through Darkness

But what truly sets this Batman apart? When the lights dim, as darkness encroaches, watch closely. With a subtle but assertive presence, the glow-in-the-dark elements come alive. Batman’s eyes pierce the gloom, and the lightning wave behind him dances with an ethereal light. It is not just a feature; it is an experience.

The Iconic Comic Cover: A Homage to the Original

For collectors, enthusiasts, and die-hard fans, the backdrop is no mere decoration. It’s a piece of art—the iconic comic cover of The Dark Knight Returns #1. It is an homage to the gritty ambiance and revolutionary storytelling that Frank Miller brought to life, and now, you can own a piece of that legacy.

Who Will Cherish This Batman Funko Pop? Most?

This figure is a beacon for those who see Batman as more than a character – he symbolizes resilience and the fight against adversity. It’s designed for those who appreciate the finer details, the story behind the mask. From the comic book collector whose shelves are lined with the sagas of heroes to the office denizen seeking a piece of inspiration on their desk, this collectible is a centerpiece, a conversation starter, a statement.

Making the Decision: Is This Exclusive Collectible for You?

As the glow-in-the-dark sticker accompanies this package, a decision looms – is this the missing gem in your collection? A piece that captures not just the eye but the spirit of one of fiction’s most enduring figures? This Funko Pop! isn’t just a model encased in a box; it’s a slice of comic book royalty, a beacon that glows, casting light on the profound depths of the Batman ethos.


This figure stands tall at approximately 11 inches, is 7 inches wide, and is 3 1/2 inches deep. It demands space not just on your shelf but in your imagination. It beckons you to revisit the streets of Gotham, face the storm alongside the Dark Knight, and stand as a witness to his unwavering resolve.

A Final Whisper in the Night

Entertainment Earth offers you an exclusive invitation to own a piece of Batman’s legacy—a legacy punctuated by its rarity and exclusivity. As you ponder this addition to your collection, remember – that such opportunities are fleeting. This Batman Funko Pop! doesn’t just represent a figure; it signifies your part in the never-ending battle for justice within the comic book realms.


Are you ready to welcome the night? Embrace the glow, cherish the darkness, and let the Dark Knight stand guard over your collection. This is not merely an addition; it’s a crowning jewel. As Gotham’s protector stands watch, so does your chance to claim this piece of history.

But heed the call quickly, fellow collectors – in the world of exclusive releases, timing is everything, and this beacon is only visible for a short while before it fades back into the shadows from whence it came. Order yours while the night is still young.

Available now at:

Entertainment Earth

May also be available on:

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