The Fear: Killer Klowns 35th Anniversary Funko Box!

Funko Box Killer Klowns from Outer Space 35th Anniversary

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Celebrate the Zany Terror with the Killer Klowns from Outer Space™ 35th Anniversary Commemorative Kit

Ah, the whimsical dread of spotting a Klown – not just any Klown, but a Killer Klown from Outer Space™! For fans of the cult classic movie that blended horror, sci-fi, and dark comedy into one unforgettable cinematic experience, the 35th Anniversary Box is a trove of nostalgia. This exclusive GameStop collection invites enthusiasts to step up to a spectral showcase, where every item is a black light-responsive celebration of the film’s unique take on terror. Let’s unwrap the eccentricities and glowing wonders this box holds!

What’s Inside the Killer Klowns from Outer Space™ Collector’s Kit?

The Quartet of Quirky Pop! Figures

Pop! Slim, Pop! Spikey, Pop! Jumbo, and Pop! Shorty—these aren’t your garden-variety action figures. Each stands at an imposing 4.5 to 5.7 inches tall, their features exaggerated and colors vibrant to capture their larger-than-life presence on screen. The attention to detail is remarkable. From the manic grin of Pop! Shorty to the towering hat of Pop! Jumbo, each figure encapsulates the essence of the characters that left an indelible mark on the horror genre.

Behind the Make-Up: The Killer Klowns

Pop! Slim – The Sly Stalker

Pop! Slim is the towering, slender Klown, as notorious for his creepy antics as he is for his lanky silhouette. His character in the film is a master of shadows, lurking with a sinister grace. With an oversized purple and blue cranium and a mischievous smirk, Slim’s figure captures the Klown’s menacing vibe, perfect for those who appreciate the art of the scare.

Pop! Spikey – The Wild Card

Pop! Spikey is the Klown with a wild, untamed mane that matches his unpredictable nature. Known for his high-octane energy and shocking pink top, Spikey is a whirlwind of chaos. His figure in the commemorative kit, with fists ready and a gleefully maniacal expression, is a vivid reminder of the character’s frenetic presence.

Pop! Jumbo – The Towering Terror

Pop! Jumbo is as grand as his name suggests. In the movie, he makes a grandiose, if not frightening, entrance, often leaving the other characters and viewers in awe (or horror). His vinyl figure, complete with the character’s iconic green headpiece and a wide, toothy grin, embodies Jumbo’s larger-than-life screen presence.

Pop! Shorty – The Iconic Klown

Last but certainly not least is Pop! Shorty—the most iconic of the Killer Klowns, whose fame skyrocketed with the movie’s cult status. Shorty is memorable for his boxing scene, his tiny stature juxtaposed with his oversized shoes and gloves. His figure in this kit, brandishing the cotton candy ray gun, encapsulates his role as the pint-sized powerhouse with a deadly punchline.

The Killer Klowns as a Collective Force

Together, these Killer Klowns are not just a group of characters; they represent a radical departure from the typical alien or monster seen in 1980s cinema. Their designs are inspired by classic clown features—vivid colors, exaggerated expressions, and whimsical outfits—twisted into something otherworldly. It’s a twisted mirror held up to the familiar, making the ordinary extraordinary and the playful downright petrifying.

The makers of the film crafted each Klown to stand out, yet they all share a common thread: they are invaders hidden behind grotesque mirth, their true intentions as mysterious as their home planet. This commemorative kit brings each character to life, not just in form but in spirit, capturing the essence of their contribution to the Killer Klowns’ legend.

A Pocket-Sized Menace

The vinyl figure keychain featuring the Klowns’ notorious cotton candy ray gun accompanies these towering titans of terror. It’s a fantastic reminder of the film’s ingenious blend of the comical and the creepy. Imagine pulling out your keys, only to be greeted by the iconic symbol of the Klowns’ otherworldly arsenal.

Button Up Your Love for the Klowns

The four-pack button set further enhances the set. Each button shines a spotlight on one of the Klowns, ensuring fans can wear their affection for the film on their sleeves, jackets, backpacks, or wherever they choose.

The Collector’s Box – A Spectacle in Itself

All these items come elegantly packed in an exclusive collector’s box. With vibrant designs and captivating artwork that seems to leap out under black light, the box itself is a collector’s item that enhances the aura of the Killer Klowns.

Why is the Killer Klowns Kit a Must-Have for Collectors and Fans?

A Monument to Movie History

This kit isn’t merely a set of figures; it’s a monument to a film that has transcended its era. Thirty-five years later, the Killer Klowns continue to charm and chill new generations of fans. The Anniversary Kit celebrates every delightful shiver the movie gave us.

GameStop Exclusive

The exclusivity of this kit through GameStop adds to its desirability. It’s not just an acquisition; it’s a prize, a collectible that promises to stand out due to its rarity and the special place it occupies in horror memorabilia.

Black Light Brilliance

The black light edition figures bring this set an extra layer of enjoyment. Under the glow of a black light, each figure emanates an eerie luminescence that will surely be the highlight of any display.

Impeccable Presentation

From the carefully crafted window display boxes that each figure comes into the design of the collector’s box, this set respects the collector’s desire for items that aren’t just to be owned but to be showcased.

Who Should Consider Bringing the Killer Klowns Kit Into Their Collection?

Whether you’re a long-standing fan who knows the film frame by frame or a newcomer to the eccentric world of these space-faring jesters, this kit has something for everyone. It’s a slice of cinema history, a bold statement piece for collectors, and an excellent way to spark conversation.

Horror aficionados, memorabilia collectors, or those with a penchant for the peculiar – the Killer Klowns from Outer Space™ 35th Anniversary Commemorative Kit beckons you. Don’t just walk past this curious carnival of cosmic clowns; make it the centerpiece of your collection and let the conversations, and perhaps a few unnerving chuckles, begin.

Remember, this isn’t just another collectible; it’s a tribute to the thrills and chills that Killer Klowns from Outer Space™ has given us for 35 years. With this kit, the spectacle never has to end. Add this GameStop exclusive to your collection, and let the show go on!

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