The Flash (2023): Batman Unmasked Funko Pop! PX Preview EXCL

The Flash (2023): Batman (Keaton) Unmasked Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure - PX Preview Exclusive

Get ready to experience a radical and radicalizing reimagining of a classic hero when you get your hands on the new The Flash (2023): Batman (Keaton) Unmasked Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – PX Preview Exclusive inspired by the upcoming The Flash (2023) movie.

The pop figure is now available for pre-order at the links below – click to jump or scroll to continue reading!

Are you ready to witness the caped Crusader as you’ve never seen him before?

The upcoming The Flash movie is set to introduce us to a radical and radicalizing reimagining of one of our all-time favorite heroes – Batman.

And the best part? You can bring home a piece of this iconic superhero with the new Batman Funko Pop!

This PX exclusive Funko Pop! figure features the Dark Knight unmasked, showing off Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming movie.

It’s a unique take on the character that stays true to his roots while offering a fresh, modern spin on the character.

One of the most exciting things about this new Batman is the mystery surrounding what he’ll be up to in The Flash movie.

With a new visual interpretation of the character, who knows what feats our brave masked protagonist will accomplish?

Will he take on some of Gotham’s most fearsome villains or team up with other heroes to save the day? We can’t wait to find out.

The PX Preview Exclusive Batman (Keaton) Unmasked Funko Pop! is now available for pre-order at the links below (click to jump!)

The Flash (2023): Batman (Keaton) Unmasked Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure - PX Preview Exclusive

Holy time warp, Batman!

Michael Keaton is set to reprise his role as the Dark Knight in the upcoming movie, but fans are left wondering: which version of Batman will he be playing?

Will Keaton don the familiar suit from Tim Burton’s iconic 1989 Batman film, or will he play an alternate version of the Caped Crusader?

The Flash promises to be a wild ride through alternate timelines and parallel realities, inspired by the comic series Flashpoint.

In this new reality, Batman has retired, and Supergirl is imprisoned, leaving two versions of Barry Allen to seek out Keaton’s Bruce Wayne for help.

But while the new trailer for the movie shows Keaton in a familiar Batsuit, the multiverse complicates matters.

Is this the same Bruce Wayne from Burton’s films or a parallel universe counterpart?

One clue comes from the Super Bowl TV spot, which shows several Batsuits owned by Keaton’s Bruce.

Among them are the two costumes he originally wore in Batman and Batman Returns, complete with the fire damage across the emblem on its chest from the Joker’s attack in the first film.

This suggests a direct continuity with Burton’s Batman universe, where Keaton played the Dark Knight twice in the late 80s and early 90s.

However, the trailer for The Flash also hints that this may not be the same Batman fans remember.

For one thing, the gothic and Art Deco-inspired design of Burton’s Gotham is absent in the footage, replaced by a more naturalistic setting.

Additionally, there are what appear to be two early designs of the Batsuit on display, raising questions about how long Keaton’s Bruce has been fighting crime.

Of course, the multiverse itself could also explain away any inconsistencies.

In the CW’s Arrowverse, part of the shared multiverse with the DCU, a Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event featured a brief appearance from Keaton’s Batman on a parallel Earth, dubbed Earth-89.

This suggests that Burton’s Batman universe already existed in the multiverse, potentially creating multiple versions of Keaton’s Bruce that could exist in different timelines.

Ultimately, only time will tell which version of Batman Michael Keaton will play in The Flash.

But one thing’s for sure: the return of this iconic Dark Knight will thrill fans and set the stage for a new era in the DC Universe.

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The Flash (2023): Batman (Keaton) Unmasked Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – PX Preview Exclusive

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