The Timeless Charm of Funko SODA’s Marty McFly – A Limited Edition Collectible!


Available Soon at:

Fanatics (exclusive back to the future collectibles!)

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Entertainment Earth

Greetings, time travelers and collectors! Are you ready to turn up the nostalgia and amplify your collection with an exclusive piece from the timeless franchise of “Back to the Future“? Let’s zoom in on the Funko SODA Marty McFly figure that’s waiting to make a buzzing entrance into your display.

DROPS 04/22/2024 AT 09:30 AM PST

Why Funko SODA Marty Stands Out:

Funko SODA figures have taken the collecting world by storm with their vintage can packaging and delightful designs, and Marty McFly is no exception. This particular piece captures the electrifying essence of Marty’s iconic guitar performance, crafted in impeccable detail that resonates with fans and collectors alike.


Marty’s Role in “Back to the Future”:

Marty McFly is the quintessential teenager of the 1980s, hailing from the beloved “Back to the Future” film trilogy. Portrayed by actor Michael J. Fox, Marty is an adventurous spirit with a love for rock ‘n’ roll, skateboarding, and, of course, time travel. Fox brought an irresistible charm and energy to the role of Marty, contributing to the character’s enduring popularity. His performance balanced teenage angst with a kind of universal likeability, capturing hearts across generations. In the films, Marty McFly stumbles into time travel when he meets the eccentric Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown. After an unexpected series of events, Marty finds himself navigating different eras in Hill Valley’s history, all while ensuring his actions don’t cause catastrophic changes to the future.

The Significance of the Electric Guitar:

Marty’s electric guitar performance in the film is more than just a display of his love for music; it’s a pivotal moment that blends the past with the future. It showcases his quick thinking and adaptability—traits that serve him well throughout his time-traveling escapades.

The Cultural Impact:

Marty McFly has become an icon of resilience and ingenuity. The character has had a significant impact on popular culture, inspiring fashion trends, catchphrases, and even discussions on the possibilities of time travel.

Marty’s Legacy:

The legacy of Marty McFly extends far beyond the screen. He’s become a symbol of the era, representing the adventurous spirit that dares to challenge the status quo and embrace the unknown. This is part of what makes any collectible featuring Marty so desirable; it’s not just an action figure, it’s a piece of that inspiring legacy. In essence, Marty McFly isn’t just a character; he’s a cultural touchstone. Collectibles like the Funko SODA Marty McFly figure serve as a physical reminder of the joy, adventure, and innovation that his character represents. They invite fans to hold onto a slice of cinematic history and the excitement of the “Back to the Future” series.

The Rarity Factor:

One of the most thrilling aspects of this release is its exclusivity. With only 12,000 units made, owning this Marty McFly becomes not just a matter of pride but a piece of history. It’s like holding a fragment of the past, encapsulated forever in collectible form.

Chase the Diamond Glitter:

Amplifying the excitement, there’s a rare chance to snag the chase variant – the Diamond Glitter Marty McFly. With a 1 in 6 possibility, the thrill of the chase adds to the overall experience, making the unboxing an adrenaline-fueled event. Will you be one of the lucky few to capture this sparkling rarity?

Perfect Addition to Your Collection:

Whether you’re a die-hard “Back to the Future” aficionado or a Funko fanatic, this Funko SODA Marty McFly is the missing piece you’ve been searching for. The figure not only celebrates the franchise’s cultural impact but also stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Marty McFly’s character.

The Legacy Lives On:

Marty McFly is not just a character; he’s a symbol of adventure, rock ‘n’ roll, and the magic of cinema. By adding the Funko SODA Marty McFly to your collection, you’re not just collecting a figure; you’re preserving a piece of that magic.

Seize the Moment:

With limited availability, now is the moment to act. Secure your Funko SODA Marty McFly and potentially be one of the few to bask in the glittery glory of the Diamond Glitter chase. Remember, “Back to the Future” taught us that opportunities are fleeting, so don’t let this one slip by! So, are you ready to make your collection 1.21 gigawatts stronger? Head over to our product page, where your Funko SODA Marty McFly awaits. And who knows? You might just be the lucky collector to discover the shimmer of Diamond Glitter Marty within the confines of your can. Happy collecting, and may your time-traveling adventures be ever in your favor!


Available Soon at:

Fanatics (exclusive back to the future collectibles!)

May also be available at:

Entertainment Earth

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