ThreeZero: Game of Thrones – Sansa Stark (Season 8) 1:6 Scale Action Figure

ThreeZero Game of Thrones -  Sansa Stark Season 8 16 Scale Action Figure

ThreeZero announced their Game of Thrones – Sansa Stark (Season 8) 1/6 Scale Figure, sharing the first image for the upcoming figure. Sansa Stark’s collectible action figure stands a little over 11.5″ tall and features an authentic likeness to the character’s appearance in Season 8 of the hit HBO television series Game of Thrones.

The figure includes a removable cloak with faux fur, multiple interchangeable hands (relaxed, gripped, holding letter, a right hand for holding goblet), a Dragonglass knife, a letter, a goblet, and a brooch. Sansa Stark is dressed in a tailored dress with finely detailed textures, corset, faux-fur coat, chain necklace, belt, and boots. The head will use a mix of sculpted and rooted hair.

The ThreeZero Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones Season 8 is priced at $189 and can be found at the links below. Its release is scheduled for December this year.

ThreeZero Game of Thrones -  Sansa Stark Season 8 16 Scale Action Figure

Sophie Turner, who plays the Sansa Stark character, has, throughout the series, introduced traits from her House into her closet, adopting the same dark colors and furs worn by her parents.

Early on, we know that Sansa creates her own clothes – it’s something she tells Cercei in the first episode of the series – and everything she makes and wears conveys a message, expressing herself through colors and embroidery.

Season eight is the first season in which Turner wears leather armor. People wear armor in times of danger, and Sansa’s closet reflects what is going on around her. Daenerys is in Winterfell, and it’s obvious that she and Sansa don’t have a particularly good relationship – in a way, the armor is Sansa’s way of reacting to that. But it also shows that she’s a warrior.

One symbol of strength is the circular chain that she wears, and which has been interpreted in various ways since season four. It represents Sansa’s emancipation from her days as a child in King’s Landing – a heavy amulet that is a far cry from the delicate necklace she wore in the early episodes of the series. There is something about this piece of jewelry that conveys a lot of power.

ThreeZero: Game of Thrones –  Sansa Stark Season 8 1:6 Scale Action Figure

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