Unveiling the Leaked Funko Pop Releases: From Horror Icons to Animated Heroes

Pink Panther 1551 Funko Pop

A Spectacular Array of Funko Pops: From Titans to Icons!

Funko Pop collectors and enthusiasts, brace yourselves! The upcoming leaked releases from Funko bring an eclectic mix of characters from movies, television, and pop culture into your collection. These iconic vinyl figures, known for their oversized heads and adorable features, capture the essence of each character with a whimsical twist. Let’s dive into the details of these charming collectibles, their backgrounds, and why they’re a must-have in your display.

Phantasm – “Tall Man” Funko Pop (#1588)

Phantasm Tall Man Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #1588

First up, we have the enigmatic “Tall Man” from the cult classic horror film series, Phantasm. This sinister character, known for his towering presence and supernatural abilities, is captured perfectly with his trademark silver hair and black suit. With his menacing orb in hand, this Funko Pop is sure to send a delightful shiver down the spine of any horror aficionado.

Teen Titans GO! Series

Teen Titans Funko Pop

Next, we’re thrilled to present a line from the animated series Teen Titans GO! These vibrant and playful renditions include:

  • Beast Boy (#1512): Shown in his usual green, this figure captures Beast Boy’s playful and carefree spirit.
  • Raven (#1513): The mystical and somewhat aloof team member is depicted in her classic purple cloak, adding a touch of dark mystery.
  • Nightwing (#1514) and Starfire (#1515): Each figure reflects their unique personalities and styles from the series, making them perfect for fans of these beloved characters.


Shrek Series

Shrek Funko Pop

From the world of DreamWorks, the Shrek series brings everyone’s favorite ogre and his friends to life:

  • Shrek (#1594): With his trademark grumpy smile and vest outfit.
  • Princess Fiona (#1595), Puss in Boots (#1596), Gingy (#1597), and Donkey (#1598) join the lineup, each with their distinctive traits and accessories that fans will instantly recognize.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ninja Turles Funkos

For fans of action and nostalgia, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Funko Pops are a must-have:

  • Donatello (#1554), Leonardo (#1555), Michelangelo (#1557), and Raphael (#1556) appear in vibrant colors and equipped with their signature weapons.
  • Slash (#1558), the rebellious mutant turtle, rounds out this exciting collection.

Barbie Retro Toys Series

Barbie Funko

For a dash of nostalgia, the Barbie Funko Pop series celebrates this iconic doll in various roles:

  • Totally Hair Barbie (#123) and Barbie Astronaut (#139) showcase the diverse careers and styles that Barbie has embodied over the decades.


Pink Panther (#1551)

Pink Panther 1551 Funko Pop

The Pink Panther Funko Pop! (#1551) perfectly captures the cool demeanor and mischievous charm of the beloved character from the classic animated series. With his signature sly smile and smooth pink coat, this figure brings to life the Pink Panther’s knack for finding himself in comedic predicaments, often outsmarting his adversaries with unexpected cleverness and style. Since his debut in the early 1960s, the Pink Panther has become an enduring symbol of humor and sophistication, his adventures accompanied by the unforgettable jazzy tunes of Henry Mancini. This Funko Pop! is a must-have for fans who appreciate the blend of nostalgia and wit that the Pink Panther represents, making it a delightful addition to any collection that celebrates the lighter side of pop culture.

Introducing the Voodoo Ranger “Juice Force” Funko Pop! (#231)

Wood Ranger 231 FUnko POp

Amidst the thrilling array of Funko Pop! figures, the Voodoo Ranger “Juice Force” emerges as a unique and playful addition, especially for fans of craft beer and pop culture alike. As an iconic symbol from the New Belgium Brewing Company, Voodoo Ranger has been personified in many of their beer labels, particularly known for its charismatic and slightly edgy skeleton mascot.

This Funko Pop! version of Voodoo Ranger, dubbed “Juice Force”, is especially intriguing. Clad in a military-style uniform with hints of green and grey, and sporting a pilot’s helmet adorned with vibrant stripes, this figure holds a can of the Juice Force IPA, celebrating the beer’s robust and hazy flavor profile. The attention to detail extends to the skeleton’s playful smirk, capturing the irreverent spirit of the brand.

Background of Voodoo Ranger

Voodoo Ranger is not just a beer; it’s a persona that embodies the adventurous and bold spirit of the New Belgium Brewing Company. Known for its array of IPAs, the Voodoo Ranger series has become a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts. The character itself has taken on a life of its own, with an ever-expanding lineup of brews under its name, each featuring this charismatic ranger.

This Funko Pop! taps into the crossover between craft beer lovers and collectors, making it a standout piece. It’s not just a collectible; it’s a nod to the craft and creativity of both brewing and pop culture merchandising. Whether displayed on an office desk or in a home bar, the Voodoo Ranger “Juice Force” Funko Pop! serves as a perfect conversation starter and a testament to the collector’s taste for both fine beers and fun collectibles.

Disclaimer: Unofficial Release Alert!

While the excitement builds around these fantastic Funko Pop! figures, it’s important to note that all details mentioned are based on preliminary information. The official release and specifications for each figure, including the delightful Voodoo Ranger “Juice Force”, will be confirmed by Funko closer to the launch date. As such, fans and collectors should keep an eye on official Funko announcements to verify these details.

The Anticipation Builds

As we eagerly await the official announcements, the anticipation for these Funko Pop! figures only intensifies. Each character, from the enigmatic Tall Man to the spirited Voodoo Ranger, promises to bring a unique flair to your collection, celebrating the diverse worlds of horror, animation, pop culture, and craft brewing.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your display with a touch of supernatural charm, animated whimsy, or a nod to iconic beverages, these upcoming releases are poised to captivate and charm Funko enthusiasts and casual fans alike. Stay tuned, keep your collections ready, and prepare to dive into the exciting world of Funko Pop! Collecting has never been more thrilling!

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