Unveiling the NEW Crayola Funko Pops (2023 release)

Funko Pop! Crayola Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures (2023 release)

Funko Pop! Crayola Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures (2023 release)

Available at:

Entertainment Earth
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As 2023 unfurls its canvas, a fresh splash of vibrancy emerges from the intersection of creativity and nostalgia: the new Crayola Funko Pops. This release, bursting with color and character, promises to be the muse for both collectors and crayon enthusiasts, reviving cherished memories while introducing an exciting new chapter.

UPDATE: Now available for pre-order! To get your hands on these Pop Vinyl Figures at their release, be sure to check out the links I’ve provided below – click to jump or scroll to continue reading!

Crayola Funko Pops: A Vibrant Symphony in Vinyl

In a delightful merge of color and collectibility, Crayola, the beloved crayon brand, intertwines its vibrant legacy with the playful world of Funko Pop!

Revealing not one but three spectacular vinyl figures, collectors and color enthusiasts find themselves enveloped in a nostalgic yet innovative escapade.

Enter the Green/Vert Crayon, Red/Rouge Crayon, and the exemplary Crayon Box/Boite 8Pc—all resplendent in their iconic Crayola hues and each housed in a Funko Pop! vinyl form.

This alliance doesn’t just reanimate our cherished memories of coloring outside the lines in our youth; it also stitches a rich tapestry that pays homage to the lasting impact of the Crayola brand.

The crayon-shaped figures, with their cheerful faces and familiar, eye-catching colors, beckon us to explore a world where every hue is a playful adventure, crafting a space where collectors and creatives collide.

Now, our memories are vivid streaks on paper and tangible, adorable figures, linking past inspirations with present-day joy.

Unveiling the Crayola Funko Pops List for this year’s release:

  • Green/Vert Crayon Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Red/Rouge Crayon Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Crayon Box/Boite 8Pc Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Colors of Kindness: Hello Sunshine/Bonjour Soliel Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Colors of Kindness: Spread Your Wings/Déploie Tes Ailes Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Crayola Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures can be found for pre-order at their release at the links below (click to jump!)

Funko Pop! Crayola Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures (2023 release)

Funko Pop! Crayola Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures (2023 release)

The Colorful World of Crayola: Behind the Wax

Crayola is synonymous with vivid memories from childhood, evoking nostalgia for many. There’s just something about that distinctive scent of a fresh box of crayons that can transport one back to simpler days.

Interestingly, that signature smell we’ve all come to adore originates from an unexpected source: beef fat. Known scientifically as stearic acid, derived from beef tallow, this ingredient lends the crayons their unmistakable waxy texture.

Peek back into history, and you’ll discover that Crayola made its debut in an era when door-to-door sales were a significant thing.

Binney & Smith, the masterminds behind the brand, didn’t initially target artists because of the crayons’ underwhelming adhesion to paper.

Instead, they sold their first crayon packs to children and educators right at their doorsteps for a mere nickel

. These early packages proudly displayed a “Gold Medal” logo, celebrating an award they clinched at the 1904 World’s Fair for their innovative dustless chalk. Fun tidbit: the renowned Jack Daniel received the same honor that year for his liquor.

Every crayon has its wrapping, and during Crayola’s early days, these were applied by hand.

It’s hard to believe in today’s age of machinery and automation, but for a good four decades, every crayon label was hand-rolled. It was a labor-intensive task carried out meticulously by dedicated employees.

Now, have you ever heard of the iconic painting American Gothic? Its artist, Grant Wood, shares an intriguing connection with Crayola. A young, 14-year-old Wood clinched the third spot in a Crayola drawing contest and cited this early recognition as a pivotal moment that steered him towards a lifelong passion for art.

Delving deeper into the world of crayons, you stumble upon unexpected stories. One such tale revolves around Emerson Moser, a dedicated Crayola craftsman for over three decades.

What makes his story unique? Moser, who molded over 1.4 billion crayons, was colorblind! His heartwarming story and those wax-covered boots found a special place in Crayola’s Hall of Fame.

From introducing a line of appetizing food-scented crayons (which had a relatively short-lived existence due to edible temptations) to addressing the beauty community’s trend of using colored pencils as eyeliner, Crayola has always been quick on its feet.

And if you’re pondering their venture into oral care, yes, they did collaborate to roll out multi-colored toothpaste mimicking the aesthetics of their crayons.

Artists like Herb Williams have shown the world more than one way to enjoy Crayola. Instead of traditional drawing, Williams melts crayons down, crafting mesmerizing sculptures. Some of his artworks require a staggering 250,000 crayons!

Finally, the story of how a newly discovered shade of blue made its way into the Crayola family is nothing short of fascinating.

In a tribute to innovation and collaboration, Crayola welcomed a new color accidentally discovered by Oregon State University chemists. This vibrant hue, stemming from a mix of yttrium, indium, manganese, and oxygen, was christened “Bluetiful.”

The journey of Crayola is not just about crayons. It’s a tale of innovation, dedication, and the magic that colors can bring into our lives.

Funko Pop! Crayola Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures (2023 release)

Available at:

Entertainment Earth
Funko Shop

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