11 Reasons Why Funko Pops Are For All Ages

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Reasons Why Funko Pops! Are For All Ages

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Are you a Funko Pop collector? If so, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, Funko Pop collecting is a popular hobby for people of all ages.

These collectible figures are traditionally marketed towards children and teenagers from 3 ages and up, but they also have a huge adult following. In fact, it’s estimated that more than half of these toys are bought for adults.

Funko Pops are not just for kids! In fact, they are great for all ages because of their cute and trendy designs, as well as their highly collectible nature.

There is a Funko Pop for everyone, regardless of your interests or age group. Plus, they’re affordable and make great gifts!

Why Adults Buy Collectible Toys Like Funko Pops?

This is a fair question to ask. After all, these types of toys often appeal to children or young adults and not working professionals or retirees.

On the surface, it may seem odd that anyone over the age of 18 would consider purchasing these items without a specific purpose, such as a child or for display.

However, there are many reasons behind the reasoning and psychology of these collectors — some quite simple and others more complex:


For some people, collecting toys like Funko Pops is a way to remember their childhoods. However, being an adult does not mean you have to abandon the toys you loved as a child. Sometimes, simply getting that toy or toy line back into your life can offer comfort and happiness. It’s like opening up an old photo album of memories.

It’s Fun And Creates Escapism From Our Day Today

For others, collecting these types of toys is just fun. But, let’s face it: many adults need a bit of fun in their lives to help them escape from the rigors and responsibilities that go along with being an adult.

This is not to say people should obsess over toys or become couch potatoes, but moments for play are essential to all individuals.

Funko Pops Has The Potential To Increase In Value Over Time And Become Profitable Collectibles

In fact, Funko Pops have already begun to increase in value at an alarming rate. In just the past few years, prices for some rare Funko Pops have increased nearly 200 percent. And while this might be a lucky few cases, Funko Pops have shown they are an industry worth investing in.

The affordability of Funko Pops is likely one of the most attractive qualities for investors. The average price for a single Pop is around $10-15, making them relatively easy to buy in bulk.

This affordability allows investors to build their collection with less money than many other collectibles.

Another factor that makes Funko Pops an excellent investment is their limited supply and increasing demand. The Pop market has seen a considerable decline in the number of new Funko Pops produced, causing a shortage in supply for many rare items.

This limited supply has been driving up the value of many Pops quite quickly, allowing investors to see significant returns when they sell or trade their collection.

Are Funko Pops for Kids?

Most pops are 3-4 inches in height, small enough to fit in one’s hand but big enough to appreciate the fine details put into each design. Some considered that Funko Figures are not toys, and they are meant to be displayed.

Yet, some things that interest children are playing with toys, watching their favorite show or cartoon, and reading comic books or graphic novels.

They also collect their favorite toys, action figures, or stuffed animals. It’s a part of childhood, and it makes them happy.

Funko Pops’ age recommendation is age 3+, suggesting that kids under three shouldn’t be playing with Funko pops.

However, there is no age limit to having a collectible figure. With all the famous and iconic characters available, people of all ages can find the most suitable pop for them, no matter how specific their interests may be.

Are Funko Pops for Adults?

Funko pops are a fun and easy way to invest in your favorite childhood characters. Adults can find the perfect piece for any occasion, from gift-giving at birthdays or Christmas through personalization on desktops throughout offices!

Adults collect Funko pops as a hobby, side-hustle, or for their kids. They find characters they enjoy most, and since Funko has many stable releases, they find themselves always shopping for new pops. Also, we are all aware of the value these pops hold over time and how they increase.

Funko Pops are not childish and are here to stay!

Why do people buy Funko Pops?

People of all ages worldwide have several good reasons to buy Funko Pops. I describe some notable ones below:

1. They come in a variety of different characters and styles, making it easy to find one that appeals to your specific interests.

2. Plus, they’re affordable and make great gifts for any occasion!

3. They are not only cute and trendy but also highly collectible

4. Kids can enjoy them as toys while adults collect them as collector’s items

5. There are so many Funko pops that you’ll never get tired of collecting or seeing new ones released all the time!

6. You don’t have to be an adult collector to enjoy these figures–they make great kids’ toys too!

7. Collecting Funko Pops is a hobby anyone can enjoy with friends or family members!

8. You can express your personality through your collection of Funko pops because there are so many different styles to choose from!

9. They are all relatively inexpensive, so you could have an entire collection without it being too much of a strain on your finances!

10. There are always new ones that get released–it’s a never-ending collection that you’ll always have the desire to expand!

11. They pretty much look cute and fabulous no matter where you put them, in your house, or a display case in a public area.

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