Star Wars: Mark Hamill Has Been in Every Star Wars Film Since 2015

Star Wars: Mark Hamill Has Been in Every Film Since 2015
Star Wars: Mark Hamill Has Been in Every Star Wars Film Since 2015

Mark Hamill revealed on Twitter that he has appeared in every Star Wars film production since 2015 – even those in which his traditional character in the saga, Luke Skywalker, does not participate. This was possible, according to the actor, by working as a voice actor.

Last Wednesday (21), Hamill replied to a tweet from Wookiepedia, the virtual encyclopedia made by Star Wars fans, which pointed out that he had dubbed the android EV-9D9 in a The Mandalorian episode. The eternal Luke was quick to say that this was not the only “hidden” presence he had done.

Did you know… I voiced multiple secret voice-cameos in every StarWars movie released since 2015? The sequels, Han Solo and Rogue One,” he wrote.

Some of these “secret characters” are not so secret. We know that Hamill is the voice of Dobbu Scay, an amphibious-looking alien gambler, in The Last Jedi; and that he was the Boolio resistance miner in The Rise of Skywalker.

Last year, Hamill even revealed what alias he used for these special appearances: William M. Patrick. The name, chosen after the actor’s two brothers (he has not, to this day, revealed where the “M.” comes from), appears under the “additional voices” credit in the Star Wars films in which Hamill is involved.

It was never about having my name at the top of the credits, or about the paycheck. For me, it’s always been about the fun, about the fans, and simply because I love easter eggs!” he wrote at the time.

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