Suicide Squad 2021 Review: Bloody, Sick, Absurd and Funny

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Suicide Squad really makes the most of every available second for blood, violence, and humor and totally ignores its predecessor - or rather, recreates it just in the right way!
Suicide Squad 2021 Review Bloody, Sick, Absurd and Funny

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Villains as protagonists, blood, explicit violence, crazy soundtrack, and James Gunn’s sick mind behind it all. Of course, the subject is The Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is the newest film added to the DC Extended Universe, marked as James Gunn’s debut in the popular franchise. Continuing the madcap misadventures of this team (while completely disowning its 2016 predecessor), the film is finally among us.

Has DC got it right this time? Read on to find out!

It took a while, but the day has come to meet the Suicide Squad again on the big screen. After that 2016 disaster, James Gunn took over the helm of this project and promised that he would “rock and roll” and save the ship.

This time, the worst of the worst are selected on a bloodthirsty mission in a Latin American country. At the same time, the pile of bodies grows ever bigger in a hilarious and bloody confrontation.

Did the trailers create expectations that were not fulfilled in the movie? Rest assured that this text has no spoilers.

Is Suicide Squad Better Than the First Movie?

Suicide Squad 2021 Review Bloody, Sick, Absurd and Funny

To begin with, there is not the slightest possibility of comparing the 2016 Suicide Squad with 2021 one. That is a fact.

James Gunn has worked a true miracle, and the new film is much better than David Ayer’s. Still, the director was so nice that he even thanked Ayer in the credits.

The point is that the film arrives with a bang. It starts, and it feels like it is already in the middle. And this is not a fault! In fact, it is exciting when the film relies on the viewer’s ability to understand.

What needed to be brought into context came in the form of flashbacks, which were exceptionally well done. As expected, the film is bloody, sick, absurd, and funny. And yet, it exceeds expectations from beginning to end. Right from the start – from scene 1!

Also, from the very beginning, it is clear that the film is unpredictable. You might even think you know what’s going to happen, and then suddenly it jumps to events you didn’t expect.

The essence of the movie was very well constructed. A film about a team of villains needs to show them being…  well, villains. It needs to show how awful and hateful they are and how twisted their sense of justice is. In the movie, villains are still villains and also highly charismatic.

The film goes from highly amusing and “silly” (in the best sense of the word) scenes to moments of tension or drama, and it’s all done so naturally that you never feel a “weight” between these transitions. The pace and tone are fluid, which makes you enjoy each new twist and turn.

It has comedy. It has guts flying. It has drama and lots of action! People are saying that this Suicide Squad is a movie that doesn’t take itself seriously. But that’s precisely the reason why it worked so well.

Doses of Violence and Comedy are the Film’s Highlights

Suicide Squad 2021 Review Bloody, Sick, Absurd and Funny

The film may not take itself seriously, but it was executed very seriously, which is why it succeeded. What is interesting is that besides all the care with the script and the direction, it was built by James Gunn with lots of freedom and daring.

It is not a movie that follows a specific arc from the comics, and, even so, it matched perfectly with everything the fans expected from these villains. And it has some ruthless scenes! Whether it has a cozy soundtrack or flowery visual effects, it brings a hard level of violence. It is not for the faint of heart.

The film is also provocative without offending the audience. It doesn’t have that issue of “raising flags” for some speech but brings content that sometimes makes you think. This made the film even richer.

The characters are very well developed. But, at the same time, in the story, they are literally disposable. So keep this phrase in your head, and you will remember it when you watch.

Villains That Steal The Scene

Suicide Squad 2021 Review Bloody, Sick, Absurd and Funny

Still, regarding the characters, Ratcatcher 2 was one of the biggest surprises. She is a new character, and we didn’t know much of what to expect from her.

And then comes the surprise: she is not only a compelling character, but she conquered a significant impact on the film. If you thought she would be a supporting character, who would be there somewhere outside the main story, you are wrong. The girl shines!

Now, what about old Silvester Stallone as King Shark? It’s a mix of emotions: one of the most brutal, funny, and cute things ever made. Sensational!

About Harley Quinn, this was her best cinematic appearance so far. The character has matured and grown too much since the last time we’ve seen her.

The question is not Margot Robbie’s interpretation, which is impeccable, but the way DC has been treating the character until now. In this movie, she is no longer stuck in the sexy, silly stigma. Instead, she is much more tough and interesting.

The same happened with Rick Flag and Amanda Waller, who were also “repackaged” from the previous film and now enhanced by the new movie.

Bloodsport and Peacemaker were the masters of the whole thing and dominated the movie. They were outstanding. What more could the audience expect from Idris Elba and John Cena?

Finally, another pleasant surprise: Polka-Dot Man. Many people thought this would be the most expendable character, but he is phenomenal.

Is Suicide Squad Worth It?

Suicide Squad 2021 Review Bloody, Sick, Absurd and Funny

Yes! In short, if you want to see an 18+ movie with blood, bad jokes, cute moments, chase, fighting, absurd situations, excellent script, and captivating characters, run to see Suicide Squad!

Detail: the movie is over 2 hours long, and the first arc was frenetic. In the second arc, the movie drops a little. Nothing to discourage or detract the viewer. But it happens.

Director James Gunn really made his name on this film, and it is one of DC’s greatest works of art – even if it has a much more lighthearted proposal than the Batman trilogy and the Joker solo film.

Suicide Squad 2021, finally, is the bold film that fans have been waiting for since 2016!

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