Suicide Squad: James Gunn Unveils King Shark Deleted Scene

Suicide Squad: James Gunn Unveils King Shark Deleted Scene

Against some expectations, Suicide Squad has become a huge critical success, being one of the highest-rated DC Comics films for embracing the chaos and violence that the team is known for in the comics.

James Gunn has revealed that he had to cut some scenes from his film, including a more emotional moment from Nanaue, the King Shark.

The wildest character in The Suicide Squad is also the most lovable. Since his appearance, King Shark has won fans over with his bumbling ways, a fondness that has only grown during the film, even with the scenes of extreme brutality in which he is involved.

In an interview with Collider, Gunn commented that some scenes were altered or cut from the film’s final version, which will be present as extras on a future Blu-Ray release.

” I think some really great scenes that we cut out from the movie. You see this moment, where King Shark is looking out the window, and he sees a young couple kissing.

And you realize at that moment, hopefully just how he’s not a part of this world and how he longs to be a part of this world. That actually was a much longer sort of montage.

That is really beautiful, and I really like it in and of itself. Again, it was at the wrong place in the movie.”

Adorable and bloodthirsty, King Shark won over fans in The Suicide Squad

Gunn’s statements imply that King Shark is not exactly evil but that he is just lost and lonely in this universe.

Now playing in theaters, The Suicide Squad has a new team of characters who, on Amanda Waller’s orders, go to the island of Corto Maltese to put an end to the Starfish Project.

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