Suicide Squad: Joker May Have Killed Bruce, Harley’s Hyena

Suicide Squad Joker May Have Killed Bruce, Harley's Hyena

Yes, we already know that the Joker didn’t even make an appearance in Suicide Squad, and no, I do not see something where there is none! Harley has actually hinted that the villain may have killed the secondary character much beloved among DC fans: Bruce, the hyena.

Before reading on, it is worth reinforcing that Bruce’s whereabouts are totally unknown within the cinematic canon. Still, a particular moment in James Gunn’s recently released film may have suggested that pet is no longer in this world.

In Birds of Prey, we saw Harley adopting a hyena (which she named Bruce after Batman) to comfort her after a romantic breakup with the Joker.

Suicide Squad makes it very clear that the character has not fully got over her ex-boyfriend. However, there is not the slightest sign of Bruce in the film.

Is Harley Quinn’s Hyena Dead?

In a certain important scene in the film, Harley says that – without naming names – she has terrible taste in men:

“When your taste in men is as bad as mine, they don’t just go away quietly. They slash your tires and they kill your dogs and tell you that the music you like ain’t real music at all.”

Needless to say, she is talking about The Joker, right? So even those who are not big fans of comic books know very well that when the villain decides to take revenge, he goes a LOT further than just slashing tires.

In this way, although it has not been confirmed, Harley’s line about “killing dogs” may symbolize that dear Bruce has suffered a cruel fate. This would at least explain the absence of the animal in the film.

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