Suicide Squad: Starro Gets His 1st Appearance in a New Clip

Suicide Squad Starro Gets His 1st Appearance in a New Clip

James Gunn’s Suicide Squad released two previously unseen scenes from the film today (30).
The two new clips from The Suicide Squad now unveiled focus on Starro and Weasel’s characters and feature two scenes that had not yet been shown.

The first clip is more action-packed, putting the squad in a bit of danger when something massive comes bursting through the ground from a destroyed military base. While one of Starro’s tentacles breaks free from the concrete structure, Harley Quinn stands frozen in shock.

The second footage is hilarious, taking us inside a vehicle when the squad goes into a full-blown panic when they mistake Weasel as a  werewolf. Rick Flag tries to calm down the team, letting them know the Weasel he’s actually relatively harmless for someone who “killed twenty-seven children.”

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