Superman: Michael B. Jordan is Working on a Val-Zod Series

Superman Michael B. Jordan is Working on a Val-Zod Series

Michael B. Jordan, known worldwide for his Black Panther and Creed performances, would be developing a live-action Superman miniseries.

According to Collider, the production, intended for HBO Max, will center on Val-Zod, a version of the Man of Steel from the so-called Earth-2. The project is being handled by Jordan and his production company, Outlier Society, and will not be related to the film produced by J.J. Abrams.

Outlier Society has already hired a screenwriter for the production. Jordan, who is preparing to make his directorial debut on Creed III, will be one of the leading producers, but his presence in the cast is not yet certain.

Val-Zod was created in 2014 by Tom Taylor (“The Suicide Squad,” “Nightwing”), Nicola Scott (“Birds of Prey”), and Robson Rocha (“Aquaman”) and first appeared in Earth-2 #19.

Like Kal-El, Val-Zod was sent to Earth by Jor-El to escape the destruction of Krypton and was rescued by Terry Sloan, who offered him shelter and protection in a secret room at Arkham Asylum. After defeating an evil clone of the original Superman – killed by the Steppenwolf – Val joins the new Wonders group as the new Superman of Earth-2.

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