9 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs: Episode 5

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 5, "Truth," is absolutely packed with easter eggs, and introduces a new Marvel character to the MCU.
9 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs: Episode 5

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With the end of the series closer than ever, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier presents a fifth episode full of action and dramatic moments for its characters. At the same time, we are graced with a special appearance and a new phase in the development of Sam Wilson.

However, the episode still brings us some hidden surprises and connections to the comics that are well-timed, which was already expected from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. That’s why we have gathered here all the easter-eggs and references from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s newest episode!

Sam Gets His Shield Back

9 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs – Episode 5: Sam Gets His Shield Back

Although we thought it would only happen in the last chapter of the series, it seems that Sam Wilson has finally regained what is rightfully his – namely, Captain America‘s vibranium shield. Now, he can ultimately obey Steve’s will and become the new wearer of the mantle.

Ever since the series was announced, several actors – including Anthony Mackie himself – were already talking about how the narrative would be tightly focused on Captain America’s shield, and they weren’t wrong. The episode spends a lot of time tracking the item, with Sam even training how to use it.

A New Falcon?

9 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs – Episode 5: A New Falcon?

Back at his base, Sam eventually meets up with Joaquin Torres, who gives him some new information. At the same time, our Falcon leaves at the base his mechanical wings, which John Walker broke. As he leaves the place, Sam says that Joaquin “can keep” the wings.

In the comics, as you may already know, Joaquin assumes the mantle of the Falcon right around the time Sam Wilson becomes Captain America. Will this happen in the series? And if so, will Sam not get his wings when he becomes the Sentinel of Liberty?

Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine

9 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs – Episode 5; Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine

After weeks of expectations and speculation, we finally had the long-awaited “secret special appearance.” It’s Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, actress from Seinfeld, Veep, and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

In the comics, the character is a crucial S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who has a relationship with Nick Fury and infiltrates HYDRA as Madame Hydra. The character was originally going to appear in the Black Widow movie, but she made her series debut due to the postponement.

Back to Sokovia

9 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs – Episode 5: Back to Sokovia

In a brief moment in the episode, we meet Zemo again. After his escape in the previous episode, he returns to Sokovia, where he is found and detained by Bucky Barnes. This is the first time we return to the European country since his appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron (unless the final scene of WandaVision took place in the country’s woods).

The dora milaje soon arrive to retrieve the villain. At this point, we are informed that he will be sent to Raft, the prison in the middle of the ocean where the heroes are imprisoned in Captain America: Civil War. This way, Zemo will have a more challenging time escaping.

The Isaiah Bradley Story

9 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs – Episode 5: The Isaiah Bradley Story

After that, Sam Wilson tries to find Isaiah Bradley again. And this time, we get new details about the character’s story. He and other friends suffered from the experiments of the supersoldier serum. He was arrested precisely for trying to free the other guinea pigs.

We also know that his wife died before he was released from prison and that the two have never been reunited. In the comics, the hero’s story is a little less tragic, as he is released and can spend his life alongside Faith Shabazz, his wife.

Interestingly, the episode is called Truth, which may reference the mini-series where the character first appeared – Truth: Red, White, and Black.

Sharon Carter Hides Secrets

9 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs – Episode 5: Sharon Carter hides secrets

In a very intriguing scene in the episode, we see Sharon Carter, still in Madripoor, talking to someone on the phone. She charges for a service and says that she will pay even more to have it done while impatient with the caller.

Although we cannot hear much of the call, we can still listen to a voice with a very distinctive accent. At the same time, she talks about having freed the person from prison in Algeria… and connecting the dots… We already know who she was talking to.

Batroc’s Return

9 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs – Episode 5: Batroc's Return

Batroc returns to deliver cargo to the Stateless Persons – some weapons used in a crucial moment at the end of the episode. However, it is quite possible that Batroc was the person Sharon Carter was talking to a few scenes ago.

This makes us question many things. The first of them: was Sharon Carter the mastermind behind the robbery that Batroc tries to carry out in the first episode? If this is true, then it is likely that a popular fan theory will come true, and Sharon will be revealed as the identity of the Power Broker.

The Brand New, Legitimate Captain America

9 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs – Episode 5: The Brand New, Legitimate Captain America

At the end of the episode, Sam Wilson starts training hard to learn how to use the shield. He begins hesitantly, dropping the object several times, but soon gets the hang of it. He also opens a box that Bucky Barnes brought for him, which must contain his new suit.

The suit inside the box is probably Captain America’s, made by the people of Wakanda (according to Bucky). The look should be appropriately introduced in the last episode, as Sam tries at all costs to stop the Stateless Persons and their new terrorist attack on New York.

A New Shield

9 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs – Episode 5: A New Shield

The new episode also brought the first post-credits scene of the series. In it, we can see John Walker building his own shield (although it is not supposed to be made of Vibranium, like the original one).

It is very likely that in the last episode, John will become the U.S. Agent for good, as in the comics. And if he has already received a visit from Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, likely, he will soon become part of a team of super-beings. The Thunderbolts, perhaps?

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