The Mandalorian: Making of Luke Skywalker Revealed on Disney Gallery

The Mandalorian Making of Luke Skywalker Revealed on Disney Gallery

The season 2 finale of Star Wars: The Mandalorian revealed one of the series’ best-kept secrets to date.

Luke Skywalker, the beloved Star Wars character, appeared in the final minutes of the last episode to rescue Baby Yoda, aka Grogu, and finish Mando’s mission to bring the adorable green creature to the Jedi.

Din Djarin handed the child over to Luke to instruct him in the ways of the Force, and the season came to an end.

Mark Hamill As Luke Skywalker In Mandalorian Season 2

As we have seen, Luke Skywalker was played again by Mark Hamill, even after so many years.

The appearance of the still young actor was made possible by Lucasfilm’s computer graphics technology, similar to that used in Rogue One, which allows advanced image composition techniques to be applied to the face.

But that is only a small piece of information next to what we are about to meet.

You see, on August 25, Disney+ will air a new special episode that will reveal the entire creation process, called Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Making of the Season 2 Finale.

Each Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian episode explores a different side of the first Star Wars live-action series through interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and chats with Jon Favreau, the creator of what is one of Disney+’s biggest hits since the advent of streaming.

Check out the clip released this Thursday (19).

Last month, The Mandalorian received 24 nominations at this year’s Emmy awards, including Best Drama Series. Other notable nominations included Giancarlo Esposito as Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and Jon Favreau competing as Best Director in a Drama Series.

The new Disney Gallery / Star Wars episode: The Mandalorian will air on August 25, only on Disney+.

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