The Suicide Squad: How Many Rats Are in the Movie?

The Suicide Squad: How Many Rats Are in the Movie?
The Suicide Squad How Many Rats Are There in the Movie

The Ratcatcher, played by Daniela Melchior, is one of the highlights of The Suicide Squad, but she definitely doesn’t come alone.

James Gunn commented on the large number of rats that the villain brings along with her, estimating the number of animals. He also talked about two main rats, who always accompany the actress in most of her scenes.

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the director commented that about 300 thousand rats were used, which can be seen in some trailers scenes.

Also notable are the names of two mice, the main ones, who “played” Sebastian, the main companion of the Ratcatcher.

“We have a couple of good actors. We have a rat by the name of Jaws that we worked with a lot. And then a rat by the name of Crisp Rat, who is named after my friend Chris Pratt. They were our two main active rats that played Sebastian, the rat in the movie. And then we have about 300,000 other rats,” he said.

The character stands as the second in line to the “Ratcatcher,” a classic DC villain who is part of this version of Suicide Squad.

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