The Time When Spider-Man Shot Something Else Than His Web

The Time When Spider-Man Shot Something Else Than His Web
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Even those who don’t understand anything about comics or are superhero fans know that one of Spider-Man’s main abilities is to shoot webs from his wrists. However, almost no one should know that the hero had to use something pretty disgusting on one occasion instead.

The one who did this was Spider-Man from Earth-2149, one of Marvel’s numerous alternate realities. If you are familiar with Marvel comics, you know that this reality is where Marvel’s famous Zombies live.

In this universe, Sentinel (who also came from another reality) brought a virus that turned almost all Marvel heroes into zombies. Among them was Spider-Man.

Zombie Spider-Man

Zombie Spider-Man

In the Marvel Zombies Returns comics, Spider-Man ends up in the reality known as Earth Z (officially, Earth-91126). Without the Cosmic Power, which he had obtained after feeding on the Silver Surfer, this version of the hero can no longer use his powers.

At one point, he tries to shoot his webs but is unable to. To avoid a fall that could be deadly, he had no choice but to use his veins and arteries instead.

If it wasn’t enough that it was something rather bizarre, since every time he did that, a lot of blood gushed out (hence, infecting other people), the zombie Spider-Man also felt a lot of pain.

In this same comic, he slaughtered the members of the Sinister Sextet and some other villains. In the end, the hero even ripped off his skin and left it in the trash.

A version of this story will officially take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), in one of the  What If…? animated episodes. Even so, the chance of the character using veins and arteries as a web on the big screen is almost zero – since this idea is too heavy for Disney’s television.

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