Wandavison Recap: The Best Moments of the Season

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The MCU's Wandavision has ended. It's time to recap and revisit the best moments and scenes from the Marvel miniseries.
Wandavison Recap The Best Moments of the Season

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WandaVision came to an end last week, leaving many loose ends for the future of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, particularly of what should happen in the mystical core of the franchise. The series also provided fans with a great story of the Scarlet Witch, exploring her traumas and grief while proving herself a very complex and not at all one-dimensional character.

The series is full of fascinating moments, dramatic and exciting dialogues, and even the great action scenes that we are used to seeing in the MCU movies. With that in mind, we decided to remember some of the best moments from WandaVision, Marvel Studios’ first series on Disney+!

Avengers: Endgame Revisited

Wandavison RECAP: The Best Moments of the Season - Avengers: Endgame Revisited

While the first few episodes offer us a starting point in this “perfect reality” of Wanda Maximoff, it isn’t until the fourth episode that we begin to get a sense of precisely what is happening in Westview. The episode explores an unlikely trio: Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo, and Darcy Lewis. And it is precisely Monica that we are talking about here.

One of the best moments of the series is the beginning of the fourth episode, where we see a bit of Monica’s past. Here we follow the agent from the moment she “comes back to life” during the events portrayed in Avengers: Endgame. It is a beautiful and touching scene that makes us feel sorry for Monica as she finds out about her mother’s death.

Get Out of My Reality!

Wandavison RECAP: The Best Moments of the Season - Get out of my reality!

In the third episode, we see that Wanda Maximoff ends up “kicking” Monica Rambeau out of Westview, but it is only in the fourth episode that we learn exactly what happened and how it happened. Right after Monica (here disguised as Geraldine) talks about Pietro and the speedster’s death at Ultron’s hands, Wanda changes her attitude.

If, until then, she seemed to nurture a strong friendship with her “neighbor,” here she realizes that Monica could be a threat to her reality and her life. So she uses her telekinetic powers to throw Monica out of Westview, soon after pretending that nothing happened when the Vision enters the house and realizes that Geraldine is no longer there…


Wandavison RECAP: The Best Moments of the Season - Pietro?!

The fifth episode already shows us some of the ruptures arising in Wanda Maximoff and Vision‘s relationship. All this would be enough for several discussions and debates throughout the series. Still, things take a vertiginous turn when the couple receives a very unexpected visit: Pietro Maximoff, Wanda’s deceased brother.

Of course, with the final episode, we find out that that he wasn’t quite Pietro. However, when the episode aired, many fans freaked out, even more so because of the possibility of a Multiverse crossover featuring Evan Peters in Mercury‘s role. The character’s appearance in the episode was the subject of discussion for days.

Monica Rambeau Crossing Hex

Wandavison RECAP: The Best Moments of the Season - Monica Rambeau Crosses Hex

In the seventh episode, Monica Rambeau tries to cross the “Hex” (as the “dome” that covered Westview is called) again, not knowing that her life would be permanently changed after that. In the episode, she tries to use a special vehicle to cross the barrier, but when it is destroyed, the agent realizes that she will have to do it all alone, without help and protection.

This is when we have one of the most beautiful scenes, visually speaking, of the series. When we see Monica walking through the Hex, her cell structure is altered, and she begins to hear voices from her past (Maria Rambeau, Nick Fury, and Carol Danvers). When she reaches the other side, she realizes that she has already gained powers, which have not been fully explored yet.

It Was Agatha All Along

Wandavison RECAP: The Best Moments of the Season - It Was Agatha All Along

Another end-of-episode moment that left everyone buzzing was what happened in the seventh episode. We finally got the revelation of who would be the main antagonist of the series. It is here that we find out that the hustler neighbor Agnes was, in fact, the witch Agatha Harkness.

This revelation is fantastic for several reasons, from the dramatic turnaround in Kathryn Hahn‘s performance (who was sensational in the series) to the musical scene that shows us how Agatha manipulated various moments and even people in Westview just to mess with Wanda Maximoff‘s mind. The highlight of the scene is her fantastic song.

“What is Grief?”

Wandavison RECAP: The Best Moments of the Season - "What is Grief?"

The eighth episode is considered by many fans (myself included) to be the best of the series, as it is a dive into Wanda’s memories and traumas. It’s hard to choose one or two scenes when a chapter is so strong and consistent throughout, but two sequences deserve mention. The first is a flashback between Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

In the scene, we see Wanda Maximoff in her room at Avengers HQ shortly after her brother’s death, when Vision shows up to comfort her. The two exchange a few words, but the phrase that struck the audience was uttered by the synthezoid: “What is grief, if not love persevering?” Profound, isn’t it?

The Origin of Hex

Wandavison RECAP: The Best Moments of the Season - The Origin of Hex

Another memorable moment in episode eight is one of the last memories that Wanda Maximoff and Agatha Harkness revisit. In it, we see Wanda breaking into the S.W.O.R.D. base to recover the Vision‘s “body,” which had been disassembled for study. The scene surprises by showing that Wanda did not follow through with her plan.

It is a tragic and even beautiful moment where Wanda confronts herself about the inevitability of her pain. However, all of this serves as the trigger for her to create Hex, as she visits the place where the two were to live together before the Vision’s abrupt death. This whole sequence says a lot about the Scarlet Witch‘s journey.

Clash of Visions

Wandavison RECAP: The Best Moments of the Season - Clash of Visions

The ninth episode came with a lot of responsibility on its back (several of them even unfair, the fruit of megalomaniac theories created by the fans). And, as far as possible, it was a very satisfying episode to conclude the Scarlet Witch’s journey. One scene mainly concerns the Vision, who sets out to confront his “evil” counterpart, White Vision.

And while the moments of fighting and brawling between the two were already perfect, the highlight goes to the sequence where they both stop exchanging punches and start discussing their entire existence from a more philosophical point of view, using Theseus’s paradox as the central argument. It’s a simple scene that explores all the complexity of the Vision.

The Scarlet Witch is Born

Wandavison RECAP: The Best Moments of the Season - The Scarlet Witch is Born

After much anticipation, Wanda Maximoff was given a costume more faithful to the comics in the latest episode of WandaVision, complete with the iconic tiara that fans have been asking for years. However, it wasn’t just the change in a look that made this scene so great, but rather the narrative of Wanda herself accepting her destiny as Scarlet Witch.

In many ways, the series feels like the origin of a whole new story for the character. This particular moment is the culmination of it all, as she begins to use pure magic to counter Agatha Harkness. It’s beautiful to see Wanda accepting all the power contained within her and unleashing all her energy against the villain.

A Sad Farewell

Wandavison RECAP: The Best Moments of the Season - A Sad Farewell

And if fans were ecstatic about Wanda’s transformation, what came next made many shed tears. After defeating Agatha Harkness, the heroine prepares for one last moment of happiness with Vision and her children as Hex is slowly diminished. Here, Elizabeth Olsen gives one of her best performances of the heroine.

After putting the children to sleep, the couple has one last conversation before the end. It is a very touching moment in which Vision questions more about her identity and Wanda’s role in her life. For her, it is the end of a cycle. Finally, Wanda has overcome her loss.

Wanda and Darkhold

Wandavison RECAP: The Best Moments of the Season - Wanda and Darkhold

To close, we have the last post-credits scene, which opens up the darkest possibilities for the Scarlet Witch‘s future. In the scene in question, we see that the heroine is living isolated in a hovel at a mountain’s foot. While she is living her life naturally, her astral projection is reading Darkhold, the cursed book that belonged to Agatha.

Those who know the story of the Darkhold in the comics know that good things are not coming. The book is a powerful grimoire of dark magic that contains cursed and frightening passages. Those who read it are almost always corrupted. So the scene is perfect for building anticipation for Wanda’s return in Doctor Strange in the Madness Multiverse.

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