Watch! The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Released Today!

Watch! The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Released Today!

The 11th and final season of The Walking Dead just got its first trailer during a panel at Comic-Con@Home.

The preview is packed with tense moments, with survivors back in Alexandria, appearances by the villainous Reapers, and apparent complications in the Commonwealth, a community of survivors more organized than any we’ve seen so far.

At the end of the trailer, a sequence shows a sort of propaganda of the territory, with soldiers wearing armor — one of them, in the last seconds, appears holding Eugene (Josh McDermitt).

According to McDermitt, Eugene will be in conflict over his capture at the beginning of the season: “He’s doing this for the people back home in Alexandria, but I think he’s also starting to feel the guilt of his friends getting captured and starts questioning if he did the right thing.

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang even gave a preview of what to expect from the Reapers, introduced in the final of season 10. “What sets them apart is that they are incredibly skilled, from before the apocalypse,” she explains. “They are the pinnacle of human killers, they are a very formidable type of enemy, and they don’t rely on numbers.

The 11th and final season premiere on August 22, but the end of The Walking Dead won’t be until 2022, as a total of 24 episodes will air, divided into three parts. According to producer Scott Gimple, the first will air this year, and the others next year.

When asked about the end of the series, Gimple said that it holds strong emotions. “It’s a big story, with and it takes a lot of turns. We’re going to give the audience an epic, extended goodbye that will do justice to the series since it’s over ten years [on the air].

Angela Kang, meanwhile, said she is excited for fans to get to see the actors’ work. “The zombies are fun, the action is  fun, but this is a series about people, and that’s what I’m most excited for.

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