What If…? Is As Important to Marvel as Loki, Says Producer

What If... Is As Important to Marvel as Loki, Says Producer

For some Marvel fans, the What If…? series may be seen as a minor event, but that is not true.

Now that the multiverse doors are open for good with the Kang the Conqueror’s arrival, one of the producers talked about the animated series’ relationship with other productions, such as Loki, and its importance to the MCU.

For Brad Winderbaum, speaking to ComicBook, it’s not a coincidence that the series is scheduled to come out right after Loki. It was essential to explain the multiverse before introducing all these alternate realities to the animation.

I think that without going into great detail, I can tell you that What if…? as a project, as a story that exists in the MCU is as important as any other and is woven into that tapestry,” he said.

The producer also talked about the different elements of the series, as well as the importance of Uatu the Watcher, who will be voiced by Jeffrey Wright.

The Watcher introduces us each week to these alternate storylines —each a kind of cautionary tale in the spirit of ‘The Twilight Zone.’ We bounce around genres and tone—some episodes will be dramatic; some will be tragic or comedic,” said Winderbaum.

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