WHAT IF..? Producer Explains Why Dave Bautista is Not in the Series

WHAT IF.. Producer Explains Why Dave Bautista is Not in the Series

Executive producer Brad Winderbaum said that the idea was to approach MCU stars, including Dave Bautista, for What If…?

Previously, the former fighter and Guardians of the Galaxy star had attacked What If…? on his Twitter account, complaining that he was never asked to return.

While several Marvel Universe actors were unable to participate in the show’s first season, the reality is that Dave Bautista‘s situation is somewhat unique. He has been making some pretty strong comments about his character for several months now, and in numerous instances, has been unhappy with the company’s treatment of Drax.

In a recent interview with Variety, Brad Winderbaum talked about one of the topics of the moment and the reason Dave Bautista didn’t join the What If…? When that actor’s tweet was mentioned to Winderbaum, the producer responded quite surprisingly.

“I saw that, too. It’s my understanding that everybody was asked in some way, shape or form, either through their agents or directly.

I don’t know really what happened behind the scenes there, but certainly, we would have loved for him to be in the show. So there’s probably some miscommunication somewhere.”

Was it really a matter of miscommunication?

The fact that several actors and actresses did not participate in the voices of What If…? gives some leeway when it comes to justifying Bautista’s absence.

The truth may never be known, or, on the other hand, the truth may actually be what Winderbaum expressed. Either way, Dave Bautista is moving further and further away from Marvel Studios, and the actor’s exit is imminent.

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