WHAT IF…? Spider-Man Episode Canceled For Being Too Dark

WHAT IF... Spider-Man Episode Canceled For Being Too Dark

What If…? was released today (11), marking another Wednesday sequence of new Marvel content. The production will follow the footsteps of Loki, WandaVision and Falcon, and the Winter Soldier, which have already started teasing what we can expect from Phase 4.

The series is not just a simple release. It is also the first animated production in the MCU since it started in 2008 with the first Iron Man.

What If…? reimagines the hero universe in a way we’ve never seen before, featuring alternate versions of traditional characters. Dark Doctor Strange and a Star-Lord T’Challa are some of the surprises we can expect from the series.

While screenwriter A.C. Bradley and director Bryan Andrews were given a whole repertoire of comics to play with, the minds behind What If…? also had some restrictions.

Bradley revealed to The Post-Credit Podcast that she chose an episode that was practically half the script of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and therefore had to receive several cuts. She also wanted to turn Jane Foster into Thor and feature an aging Steve and a Professor Hulk, but then heard the plans for Thor 4 and Avengers: Endgame.

The screenwriter had to go back and scratch parts of her script for another episode, but this time not because it dealt with other productions but because it was too dark.

“There was a couple of episodes that were just a little too dark,” What If…? writer AC Bradley told The Post-Credit Podcast. “There was an original What If…? [comic] run I believe where Spider-Man turns into a real spider, and that was just too dark and too body horror for their PG-13.”

Still, the screenwriter revealed that she had some fun:

But it was a blast! You said it yourself, we were basically given the keys to the toy store,” the writer added. “‘Go have fun and make sure everything was different. Don’t give us ten of the same, give us ten of the most different stories you can come up with.’ I hope Bryan and I have achieved that.”

In Spider-Man: The Other comics, Peter dies and is confronted by the manifestation of his powers. A Spider-Totem offers him another chance at his life, but he refuses and takes his head off. Peter remains trapped in a cocoon under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

A symbiote version of Venom manages to escape and locates Peter, attaching itself to his body. The transformation takes months, but the symbiont manages to permanently bond with Peter.

A.C. Bradley intended to take the story further, showing Peter being consumed by the transformation and becoming more spider than man.

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