When Is Army of Thieves Set in The Army of the Dead Timeline?

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When Is Army of Thieves Set in The Army of the Dead Timeline

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It’s a prequel, we know that… but after all, Army of Thieves takes place how long before Army of the Dead: Invasion of Las Vegas? So don’t worry, I’ll track you down within director Zack Snyder’s franchise.

If you’re familiar with the ending of Army of the Dead on Netflix, you should already know that the new plot serves as a sort of spin-off, taking place before Ludwig Dieter’s recruitment into Scott Ward’s Las Vegas team. Not by chance, he was one of the film’s fan favorites.

The opening scene of the original film shows the beginning of the zombie outbreak after an escape at Area 51, right? Then Bly Tanaka shows up visiting Ward in his restaurant, and the rest of the plot takes place six years later.

Well, the Army of Thieves should take place around the same time as the opening sequence, at the very beginning of the zombie attack – that is, 6 years before the adventure seen in the Army of The Dead.

What definitely proves this point is an excerpt from the trailer, which shows the character Gwendoline questioning Dieter if “Are you familiar with the outbreak in America?

In other words, this implies that the Zeus incident has already happened, but also that the Army of Thieves is happening soon after, since some people may not even be aware of it yet.

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