Who is White Vision? Meet Marvel Comics’ Alternative Version

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Who is White Vision? WandaVision introduced us to a new version of the character, who bears little resemblance to the Marvel Comics original.
Who is White Vision Meet Marvel Comics' Alternative Version

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Those who follow WandaVision must have been ecstatic about the events of the series’s eighth episode, where it is revealed to us that there is a new Vision made from the original’s corpse. Now that this figure has been introduced, many believe that we will see a duel of Visions in the season finale.

However, there is much more behind this. The new Vision is quite different from what we knew as he has a white coloring and several significant changes to his appearance. The personality may also change – which is why we decided to bring you a little bit of who the White Vision is in the comics?

Back to His Origins…

White Vision: All About the Alternative Version on Marvel Comics - Back to his origins...

To understand White Vision, it is essential to go back to the origins of the character. In the comics, Ultron created Vision, who wanted to use him as a weapon against humanity and the Avengers. To do this, he used the body of the Original Human Torch, the first synthezoid in the Marvel Universe, which was created during World War II and fought alongside Captain America.

However, it was not enough to have a humanoid body. Ultron wanted him to be able to disguise himself among men. So, he used Magnum‘s brain patterns (a former villain turned a member of the Avengers) to give his creation an almost real mind, blending the machine’s rationality with a human being’s emotions.

The Kidnapping of an Avenger

White Vision: All About the Alternative Version on Marvel Comics - The Kidnapping of an Avenger

Vision spent years alongside the Avengers, fighting great villains. There, he met and fell in love with the Scarlet Witch, and the two were married. After a brief heroic “retirement,” both ended up joining a new line-up of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the famous West Coast Avengers (which, as the name implies, looked after the west coast of the United States).

In one of his many adventures, Vision vanished from the map, causing his allies to search for him worldwide. They discovered that the synthezoid had been kidnapped by a government spy agency that wanted to use him as a weapon. To do this, the organization had dismantled the hero to study his components.


White Vision: All About the Alternative Version on Marvel Comics - Redesigned

When he was found, Vision did not even have vital activities. He had been completely disassembled, losing all motor and brain functions of his body. So it was up to the team’s scientist Hank Pym to try to put him back together again. The reassembly lasted for months and eventually led to several dead ends, even more so when Magnum refused to offer his brain patterns to the hero again.

So when Pym finished his rebuild, Vision looked utterly different. He had lost all his coloring, for starters, and his look had several new changes, which made him closer to a “ghost” than a robot. But the most significant change came in the hero’s personality, which would never be the same again.

A Vision Without Emotions

White Vision: All About the Alternative Version on Marvel Comics - A Vision Without Emotions

Because he had no human mind to drive his robotic body, the new Vision was a cold being, extremely rational and completely devoid of emotions. He could even be programmed to save the world and help those in need, but he no longer possessed feelings like love, anger, empathy, compassion, and sadness. It was an empty shell that housed the most powerful computer on Earth.

Of course, this had tremendous consequences, especially for the Scarlet Witch. Soon after, she would discover that her children were magical constructs and therefore not real children. This, coupled with the Vision‘s changes, eventually brought a lot of emotions out of control for the heroine, which set her on a dark path…


White Vision: All About the Alternative Version on Marvel Comics - Anti-Vision

You may be asking yourself: but then, how did the Vision get his original look back? Well. In an Avengers saga, synthezoid was “stolen” by a group of dimensional travelers, who brought with them the Anti-Vision – who was nothing more than an alternate version of the hero from Earth-932. The Anti-Vision’s primary function was to infiltrate the Avengers to kill Sersi, a member of the Eternals who was on the Avengers at the time.

Because of this, they swapped minds between the two synthezoids. Vision went into the villain’s colored body, while the Anti-Vision slipped into the hero’s white body. After a few story arcs, the Anti-Vision was discovered and defeated by Vision, with unlikely allies such as Ultron and Jocasta.


White Vision: All About the Alternative Version on Marvel Comics - In the Marvel Cinematic Universe

It’s not just recently that Marvel Studios seems to be flirting with the idea of a white Vision in their shared universe. Since the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, we have seen concept art and other evidence suggesting a white version of the hero would be brought to theaters. When Thanos kills him at the end of Infinity War, we can even see his body taking on a gray tint.

This was always the subject of speculation among the fans. Many believed that Marvel would bring the hero back, this time devoid of feelings and emotions, especially after the dramatic ending he had, right in front of his beloved, Wanda Maximoff. But the result we only got in WandaVision.

A New Vision in WandaVision

White Vision: All About the Alternative Version on Marvel Comics - A New Vision in WandaVision

In the eighth episode of WandaVision, it is revealed that Wanda Maximoff magically constructed the Vision that is in Westview. The hero’s original body, on the other hand, was taken to the S.W.O.R.D. base, where it underwent various tests and experiments at scientists’ hands in the five years between Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame events.

Now, it is revealed that S.W.O.R.D.’s Project Cataract was actually a way to reactivate Vision as a weapon. That weapon is shown in the episode’s post-credits scene, in the form of the White Vision. In the season finale, he is to be sent to Westview, where he is to give the Scarlet Witch a task.

Mind Stone

White Vision: All About the Alternative Version on Marvel Comics - Mind Stone

As we said above, in the comics, the absence of feelings and emotions in White Vision‘s personality is justified by Magnum‘s lack of brain patterns, which caused the Sentient to have a rational worldview that doesn’t deviate from his programming. In the MCU, the element that causes this is another: the Mind Stone, which was stolen, used, and destroyed by the Mad Titan Thanos.

The Mind Stone allowed the Vision to have a humanized rationality, giving him thoughts and ideas befitting human beings. With the Stone destroyed, we don’t know what is replacing this artifact on the new Vision‘s forehead, but it certainly won’t bring the same benefits to the hero. He must faithfully follow his programming and directives.

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