Who is Mobius M. Mobius? The VTA Agent in Comics Explained

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Find out who Mobius is from the Loki series. Mobius directly connects to the Fantastic Four in the comics and will return for more MCU projects in the future.
Who is Mobius M. Mobius The VTA Agent in Comics Explained

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Loki arrived at Disney+ and brought with it new faces to the MCU. We knew Owen Wilson would be joining the cast from the first moments of the series, and after the first trailer, we found out his identity. Wilson is Mobius M. Mobius, a TVA agent responsible for controlling all changes in the timeline.

In the series, Mobius is an elite detective for the organization, investigating the most complex cases that threaten the existence of the Sacred Timeline. But what will his role be in the Marvel comics? Don’t worry, I can explain!

Who is Mobius M. Mobius in the Comics?

Who is Mobius M. Mobius The VTA Agent in Comics Explained - Who is Mobius M. Mobius in the Comics?

The character was created by Walt Simonson and first appeared in June 1991 in Fantastic Four #353. He is a clone genetically enhanced to develop skills in the organization, like most of the members of the TVA.

At the time, the TVA had an agent called Judge Peace, responsible for making people obey the timeline. AVT also had Justice Liberty, Justice Love, and Justice Might, all of whom served Mr. Alternit, an AVT director known primarily for his extreme bureaucracy.

Much of the organization’s agents follow a strict regime of rules and regulations. Although they mess with time, they are very traditional, and their computers look like they came out of the 1970s.

Within AVT, Mobius M. Mobius, better known as Moby, was an ordinary employee. The employees are all artificially created in the organization – and there are no faces at the lower ranks.

Mobius was, at first, one among many of the agency’s bureaucrats, but his ability to perceive minute details led him to be promoted to higher positions. As a result, Moby was promoted to an executive position in AVT’s top management.

Because of his new position, Moby, now called “The Honorable Mr. Mobius M. Mobius,” began to stand out within the agency, even gaining some prominence in the Marvel comics. He has had some fascinating arcs, such as Moby’s punishing the Fantastic Four because the group has violated some AVT rules.

Mobius M. Mobius Connection with Fantastic Four

Who is Mobius M. Mobius The VTA Agent in Comics Explained - Mobius M. Mobius Connection with Fantastic Four

Mobius and the Fantastic Four met for the first time when the agent was responsible for trying them for crimes of illegal use of time, among other charges. However, instead of arresting them, he helped them escape.

Despite helping each other, Mobius and the Quartet were not friends. As Mobius was no fool and not to be demoted, he blamed the incident on other employees. But just as Mobius was about to be discovered, he once again allied himself with the team in Fantastic Four Annual #27.

Mobius was once offered a job by Kang the Conqueror with a much more advantageous position than the one he had at TVA. Still, the agency, afraid of losing one of its best employees, gave him a promotion and promised to forget about what happened to the Quartet.

Mobius M. Mobius Aditional Appearances

Who is Mobius M. Mobius The VTA Agent in Comics Explained - Mobius M. Mobius Aditional Appearances

In addition, Mobius has worked for a time with the Kang Dynasty in Chronopolis, the city from which Kang rules his kingdoms.

His most recent appearance in the comics was in the She-Hulk stories in 2006. In this story, the heroine was being judged by the agency, leaving Mobius to decide on her situation.

During She-Hulk’s trial, he was one of the judges. She was captured by the AVT for messing up the Multiverse timelines. The punishment that She-Hulk could suffer illustrates well the power of the AVT: if found guilty, She-Hulk would literally be erased from history.

Since this time, Mobius had not had any other appearances in the comics, reappearing in the Loki series.

Mobius in Loki and his Future in MCU

Who is Mobius M. Mobius The VTA Agent in Comics Explained - Mobius Future in MCU

One of the obstacles faced by Loki coming to Disney+ was creating characters that could be given equal prominence to Tom Hiddleston‘s role. While the actor’s talent is enormous, keeping six episodes talking only about him would not be easy.

However, after watching five chapters, we can assure you that Marvel not only knew how to introduce new characters but did it masterfully. I don’t know where the idea of casting Owen Wilson as Mobius came from, but I have to thank those who did. The actor seems to be made for his role and has been giving an acting show in each new episode.

In chapter four, where he didn’t appear, fans even pointed to his absence as a criticism, a negative point of the episode, indicating that Loki needed Mobius. We knew Owen was highly talented, but no one was prepared for such comfort on stage.

Mobius and Loki formed a ruthless duo of good friends whose goals were completely different but ultimately converged on one: defeat the TVA. While Mobius opened Loki’s eyes to himself, the God of Mischief revealed to the former TVA agent his past and all the lies he had been told over the past years. In the fifth episode, when Loki hugs Mobius and calls him his friend, was regarded by fans as one of the most special in the series.

With a relationship like this, it is to be expected that Marvel will want to invest more in the actor and bring him on future projects. So, Kevin Feige, we are all counting on you!

According to the Giant Freakin Robot, the news is good. They claim that one of its sources has assured that Owen Wilson will indeed return in future MCU projects after Loki’s end. In addition, the studio seems to have made clear its interest in creating new elements in Mobius’ story that could be explored in the future, especially once TVA stops being a real mystery to fans.

Such a vital agency will undoubtedly play a significant role in Marvel’s phases 4 and 5. Having an expert in the organization would really be great for the heroes’ side of things.

The site has not been able to say which project or projects Mobius could be involved in, but, likely, the studio hasn’t even defined a specific one yet.

Fans believe that an excellent film to have Owen Wilson return would be Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. In this production, we will finally have Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The antagonist could have some relation to TVA and, consequently, to the story of Mobius.

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