Why Is Deadpool Not in Free Guy? Ryan Reynolds Explains

Why Is Deadpool Not in Free Guy Ryan Reynolds Explains

This year, Free Guy is one of the few big releases that isn’t tied to any successful franchise, and Ryan Reynolds would like to keep it that way.

So while the actor may have used the Deadpool and Korg characters to promote his upcoming action-comedy in one of the promotional videos, he doesn’t see the need to include the raunchy anti-hero in his new film.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Ryan Reynolds talked about how one of the most interesting parts of working on Free Guy was the fact that it was completely original and not tied to an existing story.

Because of the originality, Reynolds didn’t feel the need to bring Deadpool, an extremely popular character, into the picture.

“No, I mean, for me, the thing that I love most about Free Guy is that we’re doing something that I think is very increasingly rare, and very hard to do in this current marketplace.

Which is open a big blockbuster movie that’s based on nothing but an original idea. I mean, it really isn’t an IP, it’s not a sequel, it’s not based on a comic book, it’s not based on anything,” said the actor.

He went on to promise some surprises for the fans:

“It’s based on a concept and an idea that people are familiar with, which is the video game world. I love that we had that opportunity, so no, I never really felt like I needed to put Deadpool in.

He wouldn’t really fit in there. We do have some massive surprises in the movie that are courtesy of getting to work at Disney. But yeah no, I never thought of putting Deadpool in there.”

It’s still uncertain what the Disney-related surprises are, but Free Guy is just days away from being released in theaters, so fans will find out soon enough.

With 98 reviews recorded, the film currently has a critics’ approval rating of 86% at Rotten Tomatoes.

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